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Wedding is a moment of a life time that one would want it to the best. With our experience in the field, we are capable of planning and organize customs made hassle free and budget friendly event of a life time. We guarantee that our wedding planning service will make this event of yours moment to remember. We also put it our whole heart and soul in giving the event a personal touch and making it one of the most blissful moment for the family.

Wedding packages
Couples are believed to be made in heaven but they tie the knot on the earth. Wedding is an extravagant affair that is celebrated with pomp and show. The wedding celebrations demand a lot of expenses that need to be calculated way before the wedding. The wedding budget requires to be finalized in order to avoid any kind of panic at the last hour.

A dream wedding according to your budget. As the budget is being prepared keeping in mind all the necessities and things required for an unforgettable wedding keeping in view with your budget pocket. As going through the package we assure you that you will enjoy every moments of your wedding without any intervention or delay.

The wedding packages in India are devised to suit the budget and the requirements of the individuals. Moreover, certain wedding packages can be customized to accommodate the individual needs of the clients.

The options under these packages are planned with personalized attention to every detail.
The selection of the wedding venue and the reception area is a significant part of the wedding package. The wedding packages include the decoration of the ceremony and the reception site along with the flower decor.
The other factors that are incorporated in the wedding packages are catering arrangements, deciding the menu and the arrangements of hot and cold beverages and so on.
Last but not the least, transportation arrangements, photography and the cleaning services are also included in the packages.

Current times has added an extra sheen to the occasion of wedding with more and more new generation couples wanting to avail the best wedding themes in their bid to make their wedding unusual and memorable event of their life. This has given rise to the concept of wedding packages of various kinds, which helps the potential couples in realizing their aim of having a dream wedding.
As we not only bring every dream of your wedding into reality according to your wedding package but we also work on the concept of enjoyment of once in a life time moment. So that every moment you can cherish and remember forever.

All the wedding packages are affordable for all types of clients.

Venue Accommodation
In India, you have all authentic and best looking places for getting married in a grand way; it’s only up to you to choose. From green marriage garden to luxury hotels, Royal Forts and Heritage Palaces in your city as the Wedding Venue. According to the numbers of guests suppose to be come. We find them all for you coordinating of services and arrangement at the Venue.
Any Hindu marriage will be incomplete without a Wedding Mandap as most of the rituals are performed in the mandap itself. A beautiful mandap is the main attraction of a wedding where the groom and the bride take vows around the sacred fire to get bonded with each other for the lifetime. A beautifully decorated mandap will enhance the wedding celebrations and will make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one.

Theme Weddings
Wedding is the most joyous and the most auspicious occasion in a person’s life. It unites two individuals in a holy bond for the rest of their lives. Everybody wants to make this day memorable and unique so that it can be cherished for the rest of one’s life. The concept of theme wedding is slowly catching up in the market. Theme weddings basically involve planning and arranging every single aspect of a wedding like music, decoration, attire etc. based on a particular theme.
All of us have several plans for our wedding and many people start planning about their wedding theme since childhood. Everything in a wedding expresses our personality and style, right from decorations to music and from food to attire. So, the theme of the wedding becomes a very important aspect.

Wedding decoration is probably one of the most appealing and striking attraction of a wedding. To make the wedding more, memorable and unforgettable experience, one can enhance the beauty of her wedding through a stylish decoration. Classy and modish decoration is the epitome of a wedding ceremony. Let your guest go awe inspired through your wedding decoration and get the most stylish and elegant wedding decoration in the city. Impressive decoration to impress guests. Different pattern and unique theme base with tents, flowers, lighting, floral etc. conceptualizing, planning and budgeting the whole concept supervision at the venue by our professionals wedding planners.

Indian Marriages are all about rituals, dance, music, and… food. Yes, it is true. Our weddings are incomplete without scrumptious delicacies. Professional Food Caterers are hired to take care of the food and beverages needs of the We provide the world Class best Catering and Food facilities. At present, almost no planned wedding is considered a success if tasty dishes are not served. Providing menu as per as the theme. International concepts such as fruits, vegetables and many more things.

Band Baja Baraat – Fireworks
Weddings in India are known for being magnificent and the Wedding Procession or ‘Baraat’ is the highlight of these beautiful events. Showcasing the joy of the Groom’s family, the ‘Baraat’ consists of many different elements that are almost as majestic as the wedding itself. The procession starting from the Groom’s place to the Bride’s home or the wedding venue is a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds that captivate the boisterous nature of Indians. it makes so special is that all the friends, relatives and acquaintances of the Groom come together at one place to share the joy and the celebration of two people getting united for life.

Baraat is an important part of the ceremonies that take place as a part of an Indian Wedding. The Groom usually proceeds towards the venue mounted on a horse or horse-led carriage that is bedecked with regal finery.

Photography / Videographer
Every moment of the wedding day is so precious and to capture all of them, one must choose a photographer who can capture these moments beautifully. But selecting a good wedding photographer for this special occasion is a task in itself. Our professional’s photographers have great experience in spontaneous photography and make it memorable that unravel the story of the day. We use only the very best print labs and highest quality albums to preserve your candid moments for the pleasant surprise. Videography and photography at the wedding captures some unique moments that can be cherished forever and relieved again.

Designer Dresses
Wedding is a sacred institution especially in India. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and special attention is levied on the dresses of Bride, Groom and the other members of the family. Groom and Bride are the most looked upon people and they need to stand apart from the crowd.

Every girl dreams of wearing the most attractive bridal dress in her wedding. Striking jewelry, attractive makeup, and good pair of sandals looks perfect only when the wedding dress is beautiful. The Wedding attire enhances the beauty of a bride and every other accessory is bought and worn matching to it.

Every Groom wishes to look the best on his ‘wedding- day’. Earlier, only traditional attires were worn but now with the changing trends grooms opt for designer wear. Some of the most popular choices are Sherwani, Kurta- Pyjama, Jodhpuri Suit, Western suits.

Marriage is a special occasion in every body’s life, and everybody will definitely want to look their best on this day. On the day they will pay particular attention to the way they look and how they present themselves.
A traditional Indian bride has to dress up using sixteen vital components of her beauty known as ‘Solah Shringar’ which includes make-up items, jewels and other accessories. From head to toe she is adorned with accessories that add spark to her beauty.
Every Bridal dream on her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance that day. Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing. Along with the shinning jewellery and gorgeous wedding dress if the makeup and hair do is inappropriate then there beauty are also marred. So it’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal make up that would suit the bride taste and skin tone.
Groom also wants to look his best on the wedding day and is ready to undertake efforts in relation with the same. A groom preparation is the wedding dress. He will have to decide from amongst the numerous options, which include sherwani, achkan, kurta pajama, kurta dhoti and western suits. Then, there will be the accessories, like watch, cuff links, tie pins, belts, shoes, and the like. He will also have to get his hair styled in the best possible way and wear just the right amount of perfume.
Every make over will be conducted at your home, or where ever you will be getting ready the day of your wedding. We will ensure that you will look your most outstanding in any type of lighting, from indoors to outdoors.

About band baja baraat
Weddings in India are known for being magnificent and the Wedding Procession or ‘Baraat’ is the highlight of these beautiful events. Showcasing the joy of the Groom’s family, the ‘Baraat’ consists of many different elements that are almost as majestic as the wedding itself. The procession starting from the Groom’s place to the Bride’s home or the wedding venue is a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds that captivate the boisterous nature of Indians. it makes so special is that all the friends, relatives and acquaintances of the Groom come together at one place to share the joy and the celebration of two people getting united for life.
Baraat is an important part of the ceremonies that take place as a part of an Indian Wedding. The Groom usually proceeds towards the venue mounted on a horse or horse-led carriage that is bedecked with regal finery.

Mehndi is a significant part of all the customs and traditions of India. It is believed that the Indian wedding is not complete without the Mehndi ceremony, which is celebrated amidst much fanfare. Mehndi is basically applied on the hands and feet of the bride to beautify these parts for the auspicious occasion and is usually applied a day before the wedding.
There are various notions associated with the application of Mehndi. It is believed that the darker the color of the Mehndi applied on the bride’s hand, the more her soon- to–be husband will love her. A new trend that has started recently is the incorporation of the groom’s initial letter on the bride’s Mehndi design.
DJ Sangeet / Choreographer
Weddings are incomplete without good music, particularly in India. Like everything else, the Wedding Music also has to be the best. Different situations and ceremonies of a wedding need different music that can heighten up the enjoyment quotient for the guests and the couple. Thus, a sound arrangement for music becomes almost a necessity.
For a long time, people have been arranging Disk Jockeying Systems for their mahila sangeet, reception parties etc These systems can suit the pocket of the most. A system mostly comprises of a DJ Floor, Disco Lights, a Console, etc. The DJ System is generally handled by a DJ and his or her two helpers.

In Indian weddings, the scope for amusement and fun starts with the very day of the pre-wedding rituals. Such celebrations range from Haldi, Mehndi, to Sangeet, which are some of the most enjoyable moments in a wedding. Amongst these, special mention may be made of the Sangeet party, which is the most entertaining of all. At this function when conducted at the bride’s home, female friends and relatives play the dholki and sing the traditional folk song called Suhaag. These songs are structured on a funny note and elucidate about the in-laws, the would-be husband, the secret of a successful marriage and also about the bride leaving her parents’ home.
Roka- A formal beginning of a relationship with a commitment between two families.

Shagun- offering of gifts and sweets by bride’s family to the groom’s family.

Sagai / Ring Ceremony – An engagement is the promise to marry. Often this leads to a grand celebration, engagement party, where friends and family are invited to witness the engaging and ring exchange.

Chunni Chadava (Bridal Wear) – Where presents like red saree or bridal wear and others are given to the bride by groom’s family as a token of love. Bridal sarees and lenghas are the traditional Indian dress worn by the bride in weddings. Red color is considered the symbol of happiness and love in India. Most of the brides in India in almost every religion and culture are made to wear red color attire at the time of her wedding.

Sangeet Ceremony- Performance of folk dances along with singing of traditional songs at both bride’s as well as groom’s place.

Mehndi- Applying of henna on bride’s hands and foot with husband’s name on it.

Chuda- Red and cream ivory bangles are worn by the bride, which is first rotated among all the relatives to seek their blessings.

Sehrabandi- The groom is tied a turban with other accessories on it, and then he is offered gifts representing good luck and love.

Ghodi Chadna- . The Groom climbs the mare with blessings and leaves for the wedding venue.

Varmala- Exchanging of wedding garlands among bride and groom.

Gath Bandhan (Tying of the Nuptial Knot) -The scarves placed around the bride and groom are tied together symbolizing their eternal bond. This signifies their pledge before God to love each other and remain faithful.

Saat Phere- The bride and groom walk seven steps together to signify the beginning of their journey through life together. A pink cloth is draped over the bride’s shoulders and tied to the groom’s shoulder cloth. Then the couple walks seven steps together. With the priest chanting mantras, the couple ties the knot of marriage taking seven rounds around the holy fire. Each step represents a marital vow:

• First step: Let us take this first step vowing to keep a pure household; avoiding things injurious to our health.
• Second step: Let us take this second step vowing to develop mental, physical, and spiritual powers.
• Third step: Let us take this third step with the aim of increasing our wealth by righteous means.
• Fourth step: Let us take this fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love and trust.
• Fifth step: Let us take this fifth step to pray for virtuous, intelligent, and courageous children.
• Sixth step: Let us take this sixth step for longevity.
• Seventh step: Let us take this seventh step to vow that we will always remain true companions and life-long partners.

Mangalsutra -The groom ties a mangalsutra—a sacred necklace of black beads and gold—around the bride’s neck. This symbolizes the eternal bond that unites the bride in marriage to the groom.

Kanyadaan – Kanyadaan is one of the most vital rituals in Hindu Culture, which is performed in conformity to Vedic scriptures. ‘Gift of a girl’, the literal meaning of Kanyadaan, signifies the custom in which a girl is gifted by a father to a groom. This ritual is carried out just before the Mangal phere and is considered as a Mahadaan as per the Hindu custom.

A dutiful act, Kanyadaan is believed to bring fortune and relieve the parents of bride from all the sins. In this emotional ritual, father places the right hand of the daughter in the right hand of the groom and the mother pours holy water on the palms of bride and the groom. Then, the sacred verses are read. The father of the bride asks the groom to promise that him that he would help his daughter in accomplishing three significant goals of life that are Dharma, Artha, Kama.
Once the verses are read, the beloved daughter is given away by the parents to the groom and she becomes responsibility of the groom and his family.
Sindoor -The Indian bride holds great pride in wearing a SINDOOR, which adds to the beauty of a married woman. This ritual is one of the most important rituals on the wedding day, where the groom applies a small dot of vermilion, a sindoor to the bride’s forehead and welcomes her as his partner for life. This signifies the completion of the marriage.

Vidaai – The last ritual of the ceremony is where the Bride begins an important role in her life as a wife and a member of the Groom’s family. She throws a handful of rice so that the house of her childhood remains Prosperous and happy.

This ceremony is considerably shorter and is intended to be understandable even to a non-Indian audience, making it suitable for intercultural or mixed Hindu/non-Hindu marriages. The marriage among Hindus is not only considered a union of two souls but of two families. A Hindu wedding not only involves the bride and groom but the entire community, friends, family and relatives as everybody participates in their coming together. After all the rituals have been followed in the main day wedding function. There are still some more to be followed. And those are called the post day wedding rituals.

The guests who attend the wedding ceremony showers flower petals and rice on the bride and groom with blessings. Later on the guests give their individual blessings to the bride and groom. After the completion of the marriage ceremony they are invited for a delicious meal. Viddai ceremony is the farewell to the bride by her family and friends before she goes to her husband’s place.

Pilucinchuanu is a ritual, which concludes the wedding ceremony here the priest places a coconut in front of the car and wait for it to be broken before the newly wedded couple heads for the temple to take the blessing.


The journey to your wedding venue will be one of the most memorable of your life, hence you should take care that it should be done with great style. Enter the wedding venue with a splash that the guests would remember for a long time.
If a wedding has to run smoothly everyone needs to get to the right destination at the right time. Arranging for transportation is an aspect of wedding planning. Choose from an exciting range of transportation options such as a vintage car, a limousine, to a flashy sports car or even a traditional Indian wedding horse.