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Royal Wedding Planner In Udaipur Rajasthan

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Welcome to wedding in udaipur by wedding Planner of udaipur rajasthan india ,website www.udaipureventmanagement.com UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN EVENT MANAGEMENT – Wedding Planner Company in UDAIPUR, India, is a passionately driven, professional wedding planners’ hive operating since 2009. The organization has its humble beginnings as helping hand in the grand big affairs of a lifetime. Today it proudly stakes claim as one of the best international wedding planners in India.

We specialize in custom-made and value driven wedding affairs with a tight hold on budgets. Our years of industry presence offers, a wide network of vendors across every conceivable need of a wedding household. They offer high quality products at competitive rates instantly enhancing the overall effect at reduced cost for our clients.

Come explore with us the dream world of weddings to find the one just right for you. We promise to deliver your dreams in reality.

This package is for couples who would like professional guidance and a stress free experience throughout the entire wedding planning process. The Bride and Groom retain all creative freedom and make all the final decisions. Our wedding consultants simply assist with the co-ordination and planning of the wedding you desire. With full planning, we will be there from your first vendor selection to when the last guest departs, to make sure it’s the day you have dreamed about.

As your partner in planning, we will recruit the ideal team of vendors, provide you with expert advice, imaginative ideas and orchestrate all the logistical details.

You get to enjoy all the fun aspects of planning your wedding, while avoiding the stress and anxiety of the behind-the-scenes work.

Wedding Concept & Design(ThemeDecoration)
Venue Selection
Catering and Menu Selection
Music and Entertainment
Staging and Audio/Visual
Lighting Design
Invitations & Guest Management
Comprehensive, detailed ‘Wedding Day Itinerary’
Wedding Invitation & Stationary
Reception Management
Trousseau & Personal Shopping

Accommodations Search & Selection
Contract Review & Negotiation
Rehearsal Coordination
Event Timeline
Wedding Cinematography *
Delivery and set-up of all wedding day items
Follow up with Vendors
Personalized Attention to your wedding shopping (wedding trousseau)
And much more.

You will be guided through wedding etiquette, design concepts, themes, and traditions , supplier selection, venue selection, budget planning and much much more, allowing you to relax and enjoy the build up to your wedding, safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need for your dream day, and importantly, remain within budget.

Every detail is given the same personal attention as if it were our own. We will provide professional advice and recommendations to you, however the final decisions will be down to you, leaving you ultimately still in control of your wedding. This service is a bespoke service with your wedding planner from beginning to end and tailored according to your exact wishes, giving you the day of your dreams as though you had planned it yourself (we won’t tell anyone!).

Saving you money (in most cases more than the fee), energy, and on average over 250 planning hours, ‘Complete Wedding Coordination Package’ is a must have service, for the busy Bride and Groom, and why not, it is your wedding after all!

Contact us at itsudaipur@gmail.com For Bookings +919928686346

Budget Planning,Innovative Concept,production,entertainment,Venue selection and management,Hotel room Booking
Invitation,Rentals,Stationary,Catering consultations,Decor selection,Florals,Tenting
Light & sound,Artist management , Audio visual,Photography / Videography,Guest gifts,Transportation

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corporate event and wedding events in udaipur
udaipur rajasthan event management
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Wedding Logistic Prepration Udaipur Event Management

Wedding Logistics
1) Florist

2) Floral theme

3) Flowers

4) Decorator

5) Venue (marriage hall, banquet hall, marriage garden, ground, park, home, hotel, resort)

6) Caterer

7) Food items, sweets, beverages, crockery, special dishes

8) Musicians

9) Bride and groom’s album, extra prints, negatives, Photographer, camera

10) Videographer, video album (usually cassette / CD) with title and photo montage, extra copies of video album

11) Accommodation (like hotel, guest house, resort) and transportation (like rented cars, taxies, buses) for outstation guests.

12) Rented items like tent, wedding furniture, lighting and sound systems Etc.

13) Gifts (given to the groom and his family members).

14) Wedding consultant

15) Priest (for performing religious rites)

16) Bride and groom’s dresses for engagement, wedding and Reception ceremonies

17) Boutique

18) Bridal Jewelry

19) Trousseau

20) Hairdresser, Makeup artist, manicurist, pedicurist, facial expert

21) Crackers (for fireworks display)

22) DJs / DJ floor

23) Professional / Pop singers

24) Security personals

25) Registrar (for issuing marriage certificate)

26) Mehendi Heena artist

27) Engagement rings (for both bride and groom)

28) wedding garland

29) Petal tossing girls

30) Bride, groom and their relatives and friends

31) Wedding Band

32) Wedding car decorator

33) Wedding car driver

Wedding Logistics,Florist Floral Theme,Flowers Decorator,Venue FOR marriage,Caterer,Musicians,Bridegroom’s ENTRY,PHOTOGRAPHER,Videographer, ACCOMODATIONIN UDAIPUR hotel, guest house, resort and transportation rented cars, taxies, buses for outstation guests.tent, wedding furniture, lighting and sound systems,Wedding consultant Priest ,Boutique ,Bridal Jewelry,Hairdresser, Makeup artist, manicurist, pedicurist, facial expert ,Crackers (for fireworks display),DJs / DJ floor,Professional Pop singers ,Security personals,Mehendi Heena artist,Engagement rings,wedding garland,Wedding Band,Wedding car decorator

Udaipur Rajasthan Event Management Event Planning Tips


UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN EVENT MANAGEMENT follow 5 ‘W’s (i.e. Why, What, When, Where, Who) and 1 H’ (i.e.How) principle to create an event plan.

‘Why’ means, why you want to organize the event i.e. event objective.
What do you want to get from the event? For eg: do you want to organize the event to enhance your company’s brand image, to increase company’s sales, to promote your client’s products/services or to promote a social cause etc.
Defining event objectives at the very start of event planning is very important as it gives you the direction in which you should proceed to accomplish your objectives. Organizing an event without clear objectives is a huge waste of both time and resources.

‘What’ means what you are going to do in the event i.e. what will be the:
Event Name
What will be the name of the event? For eg: ‘HI UDAIPUR SEASON 3 2000″.

Food and Beverage Menu
It contains the list of food items and beverages you will serve during the event to guests and target audience. Always consult a caterer while deciding your food and beverage menu as he knows the best which wine is served with a particular course (i.e. meal).
Keep event theme, preferences and religion of target audience and guests in mind while deciding the menu. If majority of your target audience are vegetarian, then it is not a good idea to serve non-veg in the event. Similarly if majority of your guests are very health conscious then there should also be some low calories food items in your menu. You don’t want them to go back with an empty stomach.

Also keep climatic conditions into account. Don’t serve out of season food items and beverages. Like serving ice cream/cold drink in winter, food (like spicy food) that provides warmth during summer or food that provides coolness during winter.

Event Profile
What the event is all about? For eg: This event is an International exhibition on new models of Cars and its accessories

Guests Profile
Who will be your chief guest and other guests? Your guest list must include organizers, sponsors, partners, clients and specially media people. Use your imagination to create good titles to woo your guests. Like ‘Guest of honor’, star guest etc. Never give special treatment to one particular guest or guests’ group.

Event Theme
Theme means subject. An event can be based on a particular theme like : Hollywood, Hawaiian, Egyptian, balloon, clock, red, white etc. Theme based events are generally parties or wedding. Like UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN EVENT MANAGEMENT can have party based on flowers theme. Such type of parties are known as theme parties. In a theme party, everything from dress code, decoration, games, music, gifts, favors to food and beverages are based on a particular theme.

Service Providers
Who will be your service providers? Any professional providing any type of service in lieu of money is a service provider. For e.g.: DJ, anchor, florist, videographer, photographer, make up artist, performers, decorator, models, technicians, usher etc.

These are the compulsions on the guests like dress code or the knowledge of salsa dance.

Type of Entry
Decide how will be the entry. Entry will be by ticket, pass or through invitation only.

These are the gifts given to guests. UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN EVENT MANAGEMENT can give gifts to guests when they enter a party, when they win a game or when they leave the party.

Entry fees
What will be the entry fees? If you are going to charge entry fees, then be prepared to pay entertainment tax. Your entry fees should be according to your target audience’s status. If you overcharge you won’t get any audience.

Event Highlights
These are those activities which you do to catch your target audience and media’s attention. Like inauguration of your fashion show by Tom Cruise, performance by Latin singer Shakira or display of the world most expensive car etc.

Promotional Campaign
How you are going to promote your event, organizers, sponsors, partners and clients pre-event, at-event and post-event.

Program Menu
It is the list of various activities that will occur as a part of the event. Sample Program Menu of a Conference.

Event Budget
To determine your event budget find out what will be the cost for producing and marketing the event. To determine production cost, create a list of logistics used in the event and then sum up there hiring/usage cost. You can determine marketing cost on the basis of historical data like past advertising expenditure for same or similar events.If you are a first timer, then take help from an ad agency. On the basis of production and marketing cost, determine your operating cost (i.e. cost to run the business). On the basis of operating cost decide your own fees and the staff salary.

If you are organizing event for a client, then the client will bear the production and marketing cost of the event. If you are organizing your own event then you will bear the production and marketing cost. As an event manager, you must be able to recover your production, marketing and operating costs plus you must be able to make considerable profit also. Developing event budget and managing cash flow pre-event, at-event and post event is quite difficult and requires help from an experienced professional. Better leave this job to an Accountant if you are organizing

When you are going to organize the event (i.e. date and time)? Keep following things in mind while selecting date and time for the event:

1) Select date and time according to target audience convenience and availability. For e.g.: don’t organize events during work days, examination days or festival times. The best time to organize events is during weekends like Saturday or Sunday.

2) Make sure that your event’s date and time, don’t clash with other event’s date and time specially bigger event’s date and time. For e.g.: it is not a good idea to organize your music concert on a day when there is any music concert.

3) Keep climatic conditions into mind while selecting date and time for your event. It can be disastrous to organize event outdoor on a day when the weather is stormy or heavy rain is expected. Here you can take help of your own experience if you are familiar with the climatic conditions of the region where you intend to organize the event or you can take the help of the meteorological department for the weather forecast. Find out how the weather will be on the day of your event.

Where you are going to organize the event (i.e. venue)? Check out the venue selection tips.

Who will be your organizers, sponsors, partners, clients and target audience? How many target audience you are expecting to visit the event and why? You must have very good reason to this ‘Why’ as you will have to convince your prospective organizers and sponsors that why particular number of people will attend the event.

How exactly are you going to market and produce the event.

corporate event and wedding events in udaipur
udaipur rajasthan event management
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Corporate Events And Wedding Events Management In Udaipur

Corporate events and wedding events management in Udaipur.if u want to celebrate Family day .Business Company Product Launches, Company Annual Day,Gala Night in UDAIPUR with BEST Entertainment Event Management Agency RAJASTHAN .Event Management agency UDAIPUR provides best Event Mangement solutions in RAJASTHAN .we are in the top event management companies in UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN also Corporate event management RAJASTHAN Corporate event management company in UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN Wedding Planner Wedding Planner in RAJASTHAN Wedding Planners in UDAIPURWedding Decorators RAJASTHAN Wedding Decorators Wedding Decorator in UDAIPUR Wedding Planners in UDAIPUR

Wedding Event Management Services In UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN INDIA .We will work with you to clarify your targeted outcomes for your DREAM WEDDING PLANNING Event.
In our experience, typical strategic goals for similar Personal and corporate events include:

# Reinforcing brand identity and key messages
# Positioning the host as a thought leader in select areas of focus.
# Educating attendees on products and services for Corporate Events.
# Interacting with customers, prospects and other event related things

We align our proven practices with your needs in each step of the process.
That way, we ensure your desired outcomes stay at the forefront of every decision.

Services we offered

Wedding Event Planners- Wedding Event Decorators

Venue Finding
Guest Management
Photography and Video
Theme Decoration
DJ Light and Sound
Make-up Artist

Social Event Organizers

Birthday Parties
Theme Parties
Kitty Parties
Outdoor Services
Bhajan Sandhya
Travelling and Accommodation services

Entertainment Event Services

Celebrity Management
Music band (Jazz/ Rock/ Hindi/Fusion)
Dancers (Indian and International
Stage setup
Emcee and Anchor
Standup Comedians and many more

Corporate Event Management Services

Product Launch
Meeting and Conference
Road Shows
Annual Day Founders day
Dealers Meet
Award Functions
Team Building Activities
Brand Promotions


vice president & finance secretary ,Pacific University

Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research is a conglomeration of colleges in multiple disciplines like Engineering, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Commerce & Management, Hotel Management, Education, Media, Mass Communication and Fashion Technology. Each unit stands as a centre of excellence in its respective discipline, while adhering to the values and vision of PAHER as a whole. These colleges are proud to offer world – class infrastructure and faculties that synergize together to enrich the lives and career of the students. The Pacific campus provides a calm and tranquil environment that is conducive for enhancing the learning process. Spread over 50 acres of greenery, the campus is just 9 km from Udaipur, the city of lakes. Surrounded by the pristine Aravalli Hills, it consists of a campus replete with all modern amenities with state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and libraries. There is a separate facility of hostels for boys and the girls in the undergraduate and the postgraduate program, with comfortable rooms and neat and tidy toilets. Transportation facility is available giving access from all corners of the city. Sports ground, canteen and student club rooms ensure an active platform for extra – curricular activities that are an integral part of a healthy college life.

Corporate Event Management Companny in Udaipur

Teamwork is as important as innovation when planning any event to ensure that the clients enjoy the best possible corporate event management.

UDAIPUR EVENT MANAGEMENT is a progressive company which provides innovative thinking, expertise and dynamism that will make your event a truly unique and highly memorable experience

RAJASTHAN EVENT MANAGEMENT believe the design, choreography and execution of an event constitute a gracious, and oftentimes, strategic message on the client’s behalf.

Whether you are planning an elegant, themed or an intimate event, our talented and highly creative team provides the highest standards of personal service and professionalism that will ensure the success of your event.

CONTACT NOW +91 9928686346

Our Corporate Event Planning Services
Meetings / Conferences
Dealer’s Meet / Costumers meet
Team Building events
Family Day / Annual Day
Annual Day / Founder’s Day
Awards Night
Product Launches
Fashion shows / Dance Shows

Corporate Events
Photography Services
Celebrity Management
Entertainment Solutions
Personal Events
Theme Parties
Wedding Planner

Corporate Events
Wedding Planner

RAJASTHAN Event Management Company ,Event Management India ,UDAIPUR Event Planners Wedding Planner and Wedding Planning Company Corporate event Organizer Theme Party Organizer in udaipur rajasthan india

WEDDINGS in Udaipur rajasthan india

BEST Weddings Planner

Wedding Planning Checklist
Planning the wedding

Wedding Logistics
Wedding Interview
Wedding Budget Planning
Wedding Planning Risk Management
Wedding Sites Selection
Wedding Caterers Selection
Wedding Decorator Selection
Wedding Musicians Selection
Wedding Photographer Selection
Wedding Videographer Selection
Wedding Boutique Selection
Wedding Jewellery Shop Selection
Henna Mehandi Artist Selection
Wedding Makeup Artist Selection
Wedding Tent House Selection

Birthday Party Idea Udaipur Rajasthan

Games to Play 2


1) Sponge bob: soak the sponge in water, and then squeeze it in the bottle the maximum filled bottle with in the given time limit is the winner.
2) Kneading dough
3) Putting straw in the hair of Him/her, maximum straw holder will be the winner, within the given time limit.
4) Musical chair
5) Making ready him/her keep chunni, bindi, bangles, comb,
6) Tying turband

7) “Newspaper costume parade”: Each child and their parents receive a newspaper, a pair of scissors and a roll of sticky tape. In 15 minutes, each team’s task is to create an outfit – consisting of 3 items eg hat/top/pants or hat/dress/over-shirt – for each member using only the newspaper, scissors and sticky tape. Afterwards, teams parade their creations and teachers can hand out a series of prizes for the neatest, messiest, or most creative outfit.

8) Hearty Laugh: This game is hilarious to watch, and even more fun to play. It’s a real challenge, especially for people who can’t keep a straight face. Players have to sit in a circle (on chairs if necessary), facing each other. The player who starts says “ha!”, the next player in the circle says “ha ha!”, the third player says “ha ha ha!” and so on around the circle. As soon as someone says the wrong number of “ha”s, or starts laughing, they have to leave the circle. Once a player leaves the circle, they have to try and make the rest of the players laugh or make a mistake. The person who makes a mistake or laughs last is the winner.
9) PEAS: The peas – are ping-pong balls of different colors. 2 players take part in this game. Their task is to gather as many peas as possible. The peas (about 15 pieces) are thrown about the room (hall). There are 2 chairs with the little buckets on them. The players gather the balls with the help of the little scoop and put them into the buckets or baskets.


Sit everyone in a circle. Whisper a long phrase to one person. They, in turn, whisper what they heard to the next person, and so on. The last person announces what they hear
Everyone sits in a circle except one who is given a pillow and blind-fold. They then go and place the pillow on a persons lap, sit on it and say ducky ducky. The person should say “quack quack” this can be done only 3 times. If the blind person guesses the name the person, they should now be given the blind fold and the game run over again – after everyone has changed their places.

Place party shapes on the floor in a circle. For example if your theme is Knights the shapes could be shields, swords, and castles. Children walk around circle while listening to music. If the music is loud the children move fast. If the music is quiet the children move slow. If the music stops, the children stop on the closest shape. Young children like to play it this way.
To make it more challenging for older children have 1 less shape than the number of children. Continue remove shapes as the children are ‘out’.

On a tray, place about 10 to 15 small items (e.g. pencil, watch, comb, shoe lace, spoon, toy car, etc.) and cover with a cloth. Sit everyone in a circle. Place the tray in the middle of the circle and remove the cloth for 60 seconds. Everyone has to remember the objects. When the time is up, replace the cloth. In turn, each person has to name an object on the tray. The first person to fail to name an object, repeat an object or name something not on the tray is out. The tray is then removed and some or all of the objects replaced, and the game re-started with the person following the one who is out. If the game is too easy for the group, add more objects or reduce the time.

Sit everyone in a circle and place a tray in the middle with a hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork, die and a wrapper bar of chocolate. In turn, players throw the die. If they throw a SIX, they must put on the Hat, Scarf and Gloves before they start to unwrap the chocolate with the knife and fork, ad then start to eat it. To speed up the game add a second die and require a Double SIX. The Jelly Variation is to turn out a set jelly onto a plate and eat it with the knife and fork.

Have numbers on the ground equal to the number of children. Walk on the numbers until the music stops. Have numbers on some small toys. If a child is standing on the number of the toy, they win the toy.
Everyone stands a circle (except one who is standing in the middle) and has been told to remember a different station name. The person in the middle calls out two names. The stations have to change places quickly, before the person in the middle can get to one of the empty spaces. Who ever is left without a place is the person in the middle for the next game.

Wrap a bar of chocolate (or some other gift), in a layer of paper. Now wrap it in another layer and repeat until you have about 10 layers. Finally wrap it in gift paper (so it looks nice). Sit everyone in a circle and play a short snippet of music. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel removes ONE layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The winner keeps the present.


All the boys gather in a group and each takes a card with a sequential number (One, Two, Three etc). The girls do the same. The boys then form a line (shoulder to shoulder) facing the girls who are in a similar line. (Players should NOT stand in order. First a girl calls out a number and the boy with that number goes across to kiss her. The a boy calls out a number and the girl with that number goes and kisses him.


Place notes inside un-inflated balloons,1 or 2 of the notes should indicate that this balloon is a winner. Inflate the balloons and hang them around. Let each child pick a balloon then pop it to see if their note is a winner.

Divide the children into 2 or more equal teams and stand them in a line. Give each team ten balloons in a basket. The first in each line takes a balloon and runs to the other side of the room/yard/area and sits or stomps on the balloon to pop it. After popping the balloon they run back to the line and tag the next person who does the same thing. The game goes on until one team has popped all of their balloons. The winning team gets a small prize (like a ribbon) while EVERYONE gets a small toy.

Put several small items into a brown paper bag. Blindfold one person and hand them one of the items in the bag. Give them a few seconds to guess what the item is. If they are unsuccessful they are out. The last one wins.

Caution: This game can get rough.
All the players (except one) line up at one side of the playing area. The remaining player (The Bulldog) stands in the middle. When he is ready, he shouts “Go” and all the other players have to get to the other side without being caught. Any player the The Bulldog can lift off the ground while he shouts “British Bulldog”, joins him in the middle as a Bulldog. On subsequent runs, the Bulldogs may work together. The winner is the last one to be caught

Split the party goers into teams of three and give each team a toilet roll. Two persons then wrap the third in the toilet roll so that they look like an Egyptian Mummy. The winning team is the one who in a set time (say 2 minutes) have the neatest and most covered Mummy.

The old favorite. With one fewer chairs than people, a short snippet of music is played while the people move around the room. When the music stops everyone tries to sit on a vacant chair. (Only ONE person per chair) The person who doesn’t find a chair is out. One chair is taken away and the game continues until only one person (The Winner) is left.

This is like Musical Chairs, but when the music stops, the players have to keep still. Anyone who moves, quivers, shakes etc is out. The winner is the last one still playing.

Arrange for teams of about 8 to stand in a line, one behind the other (arranged boy, girl, boy,…). Give each team an orange which the first person should tuck under his chin. This should be passed to the person behind. When the orange gets to the last person, they come to the front of the line and start again. The winning team is the first one which gets their starting person to the front again.


On the command (from the list below) the children have to do the appropriate action. After a while, start removing the last player to comply, until only one remains.
Port (run to one side to the area)
Starboard (run to the other side)
Captains Coming Aboard (Stand to attention and Salute)
Submarines (lie on the floor)
Hoist the Mainsail (run on the spot – like climbing the rigging)
Mess Deck (Sit cross legged on the floor – ready for lunch)
Davey Jones (Climb a tree, stand on a chair – anything so that you are not on the floor)
Up Periscope (Stand up straight and old hands to eyes as though looking through binoculars)

You give every child 3 soda crackers. When you say “GO” every child puts all the crackers at once in his/her mouth. The first one to whistle wins. (You can also substitute the soda crackers with peanut butter but make sure there are no Allergies).

One person is ‘IT’ and has to run round touching as many people as they can. When they have touched someone, that person has to stop and stand with their legs apart and their hands out stretched, until someone crawls through their legs. If you’ve been caught three times, then you are out. The game ends when everyone left is standing still.

All the children (except one – The Pirate) sit Cross Legged on the floor in a circle. The pirate sites Cross-legged in the middle of the circle, blind-folded, with a large bunch of keys on the floor in front of him. A child is nominated to creep up and take the keys and then return to their place, without the pirate hearing them. The Pirate has three goes to point to where he thinks the raider is. If he is successful, the raider becomes the Pirate

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corporate event and wedding events in udaipur
udaipur rajasthan event management
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Classical Orchestra Booking In Udaipur Rajasthan India

Nights with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment udaipur.
Playing on instruments as old as the music itself, they give audiences the chance to hear celebrated works, the way audiences originally experienced them.

So whether it’s at a 7pm concert, a late Night Shift event, a guided tour of the classics with The Works concerts

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Best Kalbelia Rajasthani Folk Dance Kalbelia Rajasthan

Kalbelia Dance is very famous dance in Rajasthan India. Kalbelia dance is of the kalbelia tribe of rajasthan, the snake charmers. Kalbelia community’s occupation being catching snakes and trading snake venom in Rajasthan. Dancers dress traditional black swirling skirts during Kalbelia Dance. Kalbelia Women and Girls dance on the rajasthani folk music during this dance. The rajasthani folk music plays in background and the Kalbelia women and girls dance.

The Kalbelia Dance perform in the time of any big festival or any cultural dance programme in rajasthan India. Kalbelia Dance of rajasthan is a unique dance of kalbelias. Two or three women sings traditional rajasthani songs and others plays the musical instruments.

During Bhavai dance there are some of musical instruments play with folk music like pakhwaja, dholak, jhanjhar, sarangi, harmonium and plaintive notes of the ‘been’ which is the wooden instrument of the snake charmers. During the Kalbelia Dance of rajasthan we can see the flexibility of the dancers body.

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Ghoomar Gorbhand Chari Chakri Bhavai Dance

Ghoomar is a traditional as well as an enthusiastic folk dance of Rajasthan. Ghoomar or Ghumar was basically developed by the Bhil tribe and was adopted by other Rajasthani communities. The Ghoomar dance is a particularly a women’s dance and performed by the women for exclusively ladies gatherings. Ghoomar dance is perform by groups of women moving in circular fashion and in swirling robes accompanied by men and women singing together. This spectacular folk dance derived its name from ‘ghoomna’. Fascination starts when colors of the flowing ‘ghaghara’, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women flows during pirouetting. There is an amazing grace as the skirt flair slowly while the women twirl in circles, their faces covered with the help of the veil. This splendid view feels body with enthusiasm and more when one join the dance.

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