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Khartal comes under the Indian percussion instrument category, which is given different names of different regions, basically, it is a pair of hard wooden blocks with small bells or jingles fixed on them, when both of them held of one hand are struck to make a sound to go with vocal music or the music of the main instrument that, this instrument is called Kartals of Rajasthan, also Manjeera, used during devotional chanting and dancing along, while of Maharashtra region it is called Chipdya very important instrument used during Bhajans or Kirtans, while the popular names it carries include Ghungroo, Khartal, Gheeka, and Manjira.

Origin of Khartal

The music instrument Kartal is very ancient, as one looks into the figure of Saint Naradh depicted and described of vedic or puranic texts, he would always be singing with a set of clapping blocks, which are apparently Kartal category, it is considered as a ‘ghanvadya’ used by devotees during devotional dances and songs, or during Musical discourses of divine stories called Harikatha rendering, while most of the parts of India has it as two blocks held of the hand of the player, of Bengal, it is of the form of brass finger cymbals, about three inches or more of length, used during GaudiyaVaishnavaKirtans taking place of this region.


Khartal is a simple form of instrument, coming mostly of wood, sometimes of metal, just to be held of hand, one of them referred to as ‘male’ and the other ‘female’, the player making them clap together for raising rhythmic sound of music, a kind of idiophone of the self-sounding instrument, its parts functioning as vibrator and resonator.

One part of Khartal is clung to the thumb of the player, mostly the male part, while the other part is stuck to the ring finger of the same hand, the blocks with its jingling metal balls decorated of them, when clapped make such a rhythm that goes with the Kirtan or bhajan, positioning Khartal blocks of this manner is interpreted astrologically, as the ring finger representing fire element, associated with Sund and the root chakra, providing sustained strength, power, stamina and assertiveness for the player.

Playing Positions

Khartal being a basic percussion support for the main music, enthusing the player and those around to involve of music they are rendering, the player just holds it of one’s right or left hand, some very proficient players keeping them of both the hands, striking the blocks on and again according to the required rhythm, most of the times the player will either of a standing posture, if not dancing of a group, and it is one of the essential properties during Bhajan or Kirtan, which is the religious group singing among Hindus and Sikhs.

Notable Players

ShriGazi Khan Sahib belonging to the Barna village of Rajasthan is a noted Khartal player, who developed a strong passion to play Khartal right from his age of eight, who had performed Khartal concerts at the National and International level, while there are wonderful Khartal users of every City or village of India.

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