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Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner is a comprehensive wedding planning and management company based in Udaipur, which takes care of all the aspects of a wedding ceremony so that you can relax and enjoy the most beautiful moments of your life. We take complete responsibility of hosting a memorable wedding right from planning to execution stage and offer an extraordinary service experience for our patrons. Be it venue selection, décor, catering, rentals, hospitality, we are one name you can rely upon for a memorable wedding ceremony.

Services We Offer:-

  • Destination Wedding
  • Wedding Decor
  • Theme Weddings
  • Hospitality Management
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding Rentals
  • Catering
  • Photography/Videography
  • Logistics Management

We are available in following areas:- Asind, Banera, Beejoliya,Bhilwara, Hurda, Jahazpur, Kotri, Mandal, Mandalgarh, Raipur, Sahara, Shahpura,Amet, Bhim, Deogarh, Kumbhalgarh, Nathdwara, Railmagra, Rajsamand,Aspur, Dungarpur, Sagwara, Simalwara

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Doli for Vidai Phoolon Ki Holi/Flower Blower Machine

Wedding Decor

Being in the wedding industry for years, Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner understands the importance of a properly decorated wedding venue. The company has strong associations with leading décor vendors across India that help in sourcing props, artifacts, flowers, fabric and other décor pieces anywhere in India. This helps in lavishly decorating wedding venues and creating an indelible imprint in the memories of everyone. The company specializes in wedding decoration in Ahmedabad, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Rajasmand, Takhatgarh, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara and all over India because of its strong industry associations and extensive experience.

Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner ensures that each client is satisfied with wedding décor services and designs elaborate themes for décor according to the latest trends and personal preferences. This makes the wedding venue completely personalized for a couple, creating an everlasting mark on the memories, of the day. Through well-planned wedding décor services, the company tries to bring the magic of art, beauty and fairy lands at a single place, which witness two souls being tied in the holy bond.

The company understands the specific tastes and preferences of a couple and crafts beautiful wedding sets according to requirements. Wedding venues by Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner are known for beautiful wedding décor and nicely-fabricated sets that are an eye-turner for every guest. Owing to expertise in fabrication and décor, Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner can suggest various wedding décor options to a client based on their budget, preferences and likes. This makes the company one of the most versatile companies in the industry that can provide plenty of options for wedding decoration in Ahmedabad, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Rajasmand, Takhatgarh, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara and other states of India.

Through its vast experience and expertise in wedding décor along with an understanding of client’s expectation, the company tries to do justice to a wedding venue by decorating the same in the best possible manner.We are available in following areas:-Ahmedabad City, Barwala, Bavla, Daskroi, Detroj-Rampura, Dhandhuka, Dholka, Mandal, Ranpur, Sanand, Viramgam


Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner believe in doing the best for its clients. We help clients in making the wedding event memorable by arranging for live entertainment with the help of renowned personalities. We have strong associations with leading celebrities and stars in Bollywood who adorn a wedding ceremony with their presence. Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner can arrange for celebrity performances by leading musicians, actors, singers, comedians, etc.

Our expert team can arrange for celebrity events at a wedding and can look after their accommodation, travel, makeup and special requests. This leaves a family at complete peace and let them enjoy completely. The special performances are star attraction for a wedding ceremony and give each guest an experience of a lifetime. By bringing renowned stars to a wedding, Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner help you delight each guest and provide guests with an experience of a lifetime.

Along with celebrities, we can also arrange for anchors and emcees for hosting wedding functions and engage guests with special performances and activities. Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner can bring renowned stars at your wedding ceremony from the Bollywood like Mika Singh, Sonu Nigam, K.K ., Parthiv Gohil, Sanam Puri, Mame Khan, Ambili, Shashank Singh, renowned flutist Bikram Singh among many more.

The experienced anchors and emcees by Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner add up to the experience by engaging all the guests. Renowned male and female anchors like Deepa Bakshi, Shona Sharma, Tashu Chawla, Kavya Sharma, Amit Vyas, Chandni Kapoor, Deepti Sadhwani, Sunaina Singh, Lubna Siddiqui and others add charm to the wedding ceremony. They can introduce the groom and bride to the guests, take care of celebrity interaction and can also host activities at a wedding ceremony. Through special entertainment services, Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner helps in creating a special aura around a wedding ceremony.We are available in following areas:-Ahmedabad City, Barwala, Bavla, Daskroi, Detroj-Rampura, Dhandhuka, Dholka, Mandal, Ranpur, Sanand, Viramgam

Wedding Rentals

Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner is a complete wedding planning & execution company that take worries related to arranging the perfect weddings off your shoulders. Our experienced team of professional helps you in planning the perfect weddings and take care of everything related to a wedding ceremony. From haldi to post wedding functions, everything is planned before execution, ensuring zero chances of errors. We provide comprehensive wedding services for our clients ranging from choosing the best band to selecting theme decors for the wedding venue. Some of our services include arrangement for:

  • Brass Band: An Indian wedding is incomplete without a brass band accompanying the baraat from groom’s side. We help in choosing the best band for a baraat ceremony that adds to the celebrations & memories.
  • Floral décor: We completely take care of wedding décor, be it venue, car, or ‘doli’. Our strong associations with florists across the country help in sourcing the best flowers for decorations at the wedding venue.
  • Disk Jockey: A party is incomplete without an amazing DJ. And marriage being life’s greatest party should be made memorable by peppy tracks and beats by a disk jockey. We help you in arranging for great sound system and employ an expert DJ to bring liveliness to the marriage function & beyond that.
  • Decorated Horse for Groom: Ghodi, or “the horse for groom” is of utmost importance in an Indian marriage. A groom is expected to arrive at wedding venue riding a nicely-decorated horse and we provide assistance in arranging for a decorated horse for the groom.
  • Theme Décor: We are pioneers in theme décor of wedding venue. Our designers and décor experts bring the best out of a wedding venue by decorating a venue according to preferences and budget of our clients.
  • Fireworks Professionals: Fireworks help in adding another magical moment to the wedding night. We have associations with leading firework professionals and suppliers, making it easier for you to enjoy a firework display just before or after a wedding ceremony.
  • Turban Artists: Royal Rajasthan is known for its culture, and colorful turbans are an inseparable part of theme weddings in Rajasthan & across the country. We bring the best turban artists at a single place that can help the family with beautiful looking turbans for the special guests.
  • Fire Artists: Fire artists are known for their acrobatics and stunts with fire. They add awe and glory to a theme wedding and we at Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner can help you bring that to a ceremony. The experienced fire artists let your guests wonder in awe and make a night memorable for a lifetime.
  • Royal Baraat Procession: We also arrange for a royal baraat procession for the groom’s family to reach the wedding venue in glory with all pomp and show.our management staff are available in following cities:-Gandhinagar, Gir Somnath, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Kutch, Kheda, Mahisagar, Mehsana, Morbi, Narmada, Navsari.

Food & Beverage

Big fat Indian weddings are known for their food preparations. Whenever one talks about visiting an Indian wedding, the discussion ends up around the food that would be served there. In fact, food served at a wedding ceremony is a portrayal of status in many weddings. So, it is essential to delight the taste buds of each and every guest attending the ceremony.

We at Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner help you arrange for the best caterer for a wedding ceremony. Our connections and strong associations with renowned caterers, chefs and catering staff help us in arranging for a wedding ceremony of every level. We are well equipped to serve a host of food and beverage varieties from Indian and global cuisine. We plan for catering, find a caterer, analyze his/her expertise based on our internal studies and suggest you the best caterer for the wedding ceremony.

We first check a caterer’s past service record, testimonials by previous clients, analyze his ability to serve different cuisines, check the kind of food being served, identify the course meals he is equipped to offer, align the caterer with décor theme of the venue and identify the ability of a caterer to provide backup in case of black out before finalizing him/her. This makes us absolutely certain about the quality of food served and the service being offered.

Our strong associations and expertise in serving the best meals for your guests make us one of the leading wedding planning companies in India. We put in extra effort and go an extra mile to ensure that each dish served stands high on taste and quality. We also ensure each guest is served with ample food choices both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories, so that he/she do not feel left out and is completely satisfied through a scrumptious meal.

  • We ask for a list of credentials & testimonials from the wedding catering company.
  • Our consideration is that when it comes to huge gathering or events, in order to cater to the needs of different people with different food preference
  • Third thing that we should consider a catering company is to have at least four or five course meals which would include two starters, main dishes and dessert.
  • Fourth thing that we consider catering company is that one can work with them in terms of the decor of the events area and over all theme that you want your event to have.
  • Fifth to take note of ensuring that caterer can provide all the necessary back up materials in case black out may appear.

Photography & Videography

Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner understands the importance of a wedding day in a person’s life & provides special photography services in its service bouquet. The company arranges for professional photographers to capture the memories which an individual can cherish for a lifetime though photos. The highly-qualified and experienced photographers put in extra efforts to project the couple as the pivot of the ceremony, resulting in beautiful images that carry the essence of the holy ceremony.

Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner arranges for complete wedding photography covering each and every ceremony and can also provide support for a pre-wedding photo shoot, post-wedding photography and family photographs at a wedding ceremony. Also, the company assists a client in arranging for a photo shoot setup, making the whole process convenient and hassle-free. Every photo clicked by expert photographers tells a fairy tale that moved the couple ahead on a path towards the sacred union and we at Hiudaipur Ahmedabad Event Planner bring you the best through beautiful photographs. A photograph captures a thousand words and we help to capture special memories through essential photography services for a wedding ceremony.our services are avaialble in following cities:-Panchmahal, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot, Sabarkantha, Surat, Surendranagar, Tapi, Vadodara, Valsad.


Guests look forward to utmost luxury at a wedding or corporate event. So, we help you arrange for logistic facilities for your esteemed guests through our logistic services. We ensure everything is streamlined to let your guests enjoy in a hassle-free environment. Our logistic services help you plan for required transport facilities for all your guests according to your budget and preferences. You can either choose for common cabs, bus, or semi luxury or luxury cars according to the experience you want to give to your guests.

We help you plan for logistics for all your functions and locations in a single moment by providing comprehensive logistics services. We also provide customized transport solutions according to your wedding destination and arrangement and can also provide ultra-luxury cars to make you feel special. If you want the wedding to be more memorable, we can also arrange for luxury cars for the bride and groom that can be used for their arrival and departure at the wedding venue. The premium cars, hospitable drivers and support staff ensure that every guest feel part of the whole wedding ceremony.

We ensure that your guests reach the destination on time and are completely punctual in our transport approach. This makes us one of the most trusted and reliable wedding planners in India providing effective logistics support along with other essential services. Our graceful coordinators and other team members go the extra mile in arranging for logistics for all the functions at wedding. We also assist you in arranging for other type of logistics required to perfectly enjoy a wedding ceremony without any hassle. Through our logistics services, we try to make a client shed off worries related to even small arrangements like cabs, logistics and transport.

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