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Wedding catering is no longer restricted to the traditional three-course wedding breakfast and evening buffet. The huge array of food stalls available for weddings allows for some very fun and flexible catering options.

Food stalls are part of every wedding. You can order different varieties of food stalls. You can have separate food stalls or station for starters, vegetable items, non-vegetable items, main course meals, dessert items, drinks, etc. However you must see that the wedding food stalls are having sturdy construction, even texture, dimensional accuracy as well as fine edges.

Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Chinese, South Indian and chat are the stalls that are common these days at all the marriages. While the selection of items varies from people to people, a Maharashtrian cuisine counter is incomplete without Aloo bhaji, potato wada and puri. The Punjabi food counter on the other hand has paneer as the dominant component. With paneer tikka masala, butter paneer as the most commonly chosen items, what varies on the Punjabi food stall is the second option for a vegetable.

Italian Cuisine

Everything You Need To Know About Italian Cuisine To Make It Your Favorite!

If you give it a thought, have you ever really met someone who does not like Italian cuisine? The first answer to pop up in your mind is negative right? This is because the Italian cuisines have their own appeal and own taste. But why do you think this cuisine has such a universal appeal? Here are some of the reasons –

No Single Recipe

Each region, each town, each household in Italy has their very own & different style of cuisine and Italian cuisine recipes. In Tuscany, you will see that there is quite very simple & pastoral peasant fare. Emilia-Romagna is well known for the hard cheeses & also stuffed pastas. In the northern Italy you will encounter rice, butter & polenta; however, in the south of Italy you will by no means see butter, just olive oil. Some of the regions are serve seafood primarily whereas some make use of tomatoes more than others. There is a complete globe of food on the wader which implies that there is a little something for everyone.

Simple & Fresh Ingredients

With being incredibly diverse, Italian food also serves the purpose of being healthy along with being tasty. However, if you notice there are certain characteristics that tie all the parts of the cuisines together, with more emphasis on local & fresh ingredients. The ingredients are the ones that actually speak for themselves in the cuisines without a lot of ruckus. This clearly forms one of the quite priorities for people – healthy food.

The Tailored Italian Dishes

You cannot find spaghetti along with meatballs in Italy. There are two different Italian cuisines – spaghetti marinara & meatballs which are well known as two separate dishes. More or less often these dishes are served and eaten separately. These dishes came together in existence when the Italian chefs and hoteliers realized that the Americans prefer to have meat with all the food they are having.


One of the most famous imported Italian dishes in the world is pizza which also happens to be one of the most delicious foods on earth. You might have varied preferences in Pizza and its taste and you also might not love every where’s pizza. However, if you like Pizza – you are going to like the Italian dishes by default.

Ease Of Cooking

Although it is very well known that all the cultures in the west include noodles in some sort of way, none of them actually incorporates them like the Italians. Pasta is one of the easiest dishes to make & the sauce is quite easy to throw in. And most of the time than not, the result is quite impressive.

Even though Pizza is one of the most well known Italian cuisines, there are also some more cuisines known that are heavenly. For example – Spaghetti, Pasta, Arancini, Osso buco alla Milanese and how can one forget the all time favorite lasagna?

With all the knowledge and admiration about the Italian cuisine recipes, you can definitely very easily find the same organic taste you like from Hiudaipu Event Planner in Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Salumbar, Mavli, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara for any of the event or sightseeing you want to do. Your favorite cuisine like Butter herbed garlic bread, cheese and garlic butter bread, Spinach and yellow cheese crostini, Sundried tomato and cheese crostini, Green Olive and mushroom and onions Bruschetta, Sweet Corn and cheesy mayo Bruschetta, Basil, Tomato, Black olives Bruschetta and one of the best cities in the country, what else do you need?

Chinese cuisine

Chinese Cuisine – Keeping The Ethnicity Alive!

If you are one of those who are a diehard fan of the ethnic cuisines, our Chinese cuisine is probably one of your all time favorites. In the present scenario, Chinese food might as well be called as the lifestyles of the people as it is so ingrained in their lives. Regardless of whether you are going out to eateries, ordering food online for home, you are certain to have definitely gone for Chinese food at one point. Furthermore, it isn’t simply in eateries where Chinese cuisines are so famous. Chinese cuisines can be found in the roadside joints & stalls, which remain constantly swarmed, and there are numerous joints all around the globe that have opened up to convey Chinese food to their clients.

Pizza being one of the most popular food items in the world, the quantity of working Chinese eateries is more than the quantity of McDonalds, Pizza Huts & Subways consolidated. This by itself is a bewildering reality; however bears declaration to the notoriety of the Delicious Chinese Food. Also, it isn’t just all-Chinese eateries that serve Chinese cuisines, different eateries serve Chinese cuisines to, & you can browse from them accordingly.

One of the main reasons why everyone loves our Chinese cuisines is because Hiudaipur Event Planner delivers a wide variety of tastes with a blend of traditional roots & ethnicity along with modern flavors and tastes. Here are some of the reasons why it is one of the most preferred foods all over the world –

Pleasing The Taste Buds

Despite the discrimination against Chinese for quite a long time, which may have made it a troublesome task for Chinese eateries to hold on, the truth of the matter is that, basically, the cuisine tastes excessively great. Furthermore, nobody can oppose great taste & food, food that fulfills your stomach just as much as your taste buds. Truth be told, you can have this cooking as a day by day feast and have a full stomach with no genuine stomach afflictions. You can have it as veggie lover or non-vegan, concoct it at home, for your own self, or for a gathering of companions. This food is terrific in its effortlessness.

Not Pricey At All

Another reality which makes it so prominent is that it is not pricey. Our Delicious Chinese Food costs as much as the normal meal, maybe even less, & absolutely lesser than different cuisines like Italian or Mexican. At the expense of one pizza, you can without much of a stretch purchase more than sixty dishes of Chicken noodles, which goes to state a ton. This shoddy cost joined with extraordinary quality and taste has raised its dimensions of acclaim.


Noodles, Fried Rice, various kinds of chicken cuisines, etc. Let us also just acknowledge the fact that everyone I guess almost knows at least Hiudaipur Event Planner very easily. One more reason for our Chinese food to be this famous is the availability of delicious & mouth-watering combinations.

Types of Food Stalls:-


Traditional Gujarati, Jain, North Indian, South Indian, and Rajasthani dishes


Authentic Mexican cuisine with a full nacho bar & live action stations


Indo-Chinese, Thai, and Pan-Asian cuisine


Homemade Italian dishes with an Indian twist


Fusion of food styles with a contemporary flair


Back to basics with our live grilled cheese station, the Indian way!


Cold bar & island filled with various dips, fresh pita, and traditional falafel.

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