Chari Dance of Rajasthan Artist Booking

Chari Dance of Rajasthan
Chari Dance is very famous dance in Rajasthan India. Gathering water in a chari or a pot is a part of daily life of women of Rajasthan.

Chari Dance Dancers dress traditional Rajasthani colourful dresses during Dance. The rajasthani folk music play with dhol, harmonioum, nagada, and dholak during Chari dance. Chari Dance is a very attractive dance of rajasthan. The Chari Dance perform at the time of marriage occasions, on the birth of a male child or any big festival celebration in rajasthan India.
The women go many miles to collect water for the families and the joy is reflected through this Chari Dance of rajasthan. Chari Dance of rajasthan is a unique dance. Chari Dance of Rajasthan is performed by groups of dancers. In chari dance woman hold chari or pots on their head and A lighted lamp is then placed in the pot.
During chari dance woman dance with balancing brass pots [chari] on their heads. Women move together and dance on on a same sequence.

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