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Chari Dance –

This traditional dance form requires lots of skill and patience as this dance is performed with pots on the head and lamps in the hand of the dancers. In such a state, the dancers perform several flexible and graceful movements of the body. This dance is performed on gay occasions, like marriage or birth of a child.

Most of the folk dances of Rajasthan are very graceful and require great skill and dexterity. However when performed well these dances are a sight to behold and thus have gained immense popularity the world over. Chari or the popular pot dance is one such folk art that is received globally with awe and admiration and represents the grace of Rajasthan’s culture well.

The Rajasthani woman performs the Chari, a sprightly dance even while carrying an earthen urn or brass pot on her head. What is most amazing is that a lighted ‘diya’ or oil lamp is placed in this urn and its glow is visible throughout the period of the dance. The perfect balance and adroitness of these dancers commands reverence and applause when ever the Chari is performed.

This dance is performed on special occasions and on festive days. Graceful movements of the limbs, deft swirls on the knees and the rhythmic pulsating music entrance and enthrall the hearts of the viewers. Chari performers are trained right from childhood and only when the art of balancing the pot is mastered do the performers graduate to dancing with the lamp in the pot.

The womenfolk of the Kisherigarh region of the state of Rajasthan specialize in this dance form and the region has produced the best known Chari performers. Sometimes the oil-rich cottonseed is burnt instead of the diya and is placed in the pot. Years o rigorous practice is needed to acquire this skill and thus the women avoid any risk of getting burnt.

The grace, the music and the sparkling colors of their costumes illuminated by the diya’s soft glow, Chari is indeed a dance of the spirited women devoted o upholding their traditions even in modern days.

Chari Dance of Rajasthan

Chari Dance is very famous dance in Rajasthan India. Gathering water in a chari or a pot is a part of daily life of women of Rajasthan. Chari Dance Dancers dress traditional Rajasthani colourful dresses during Dance. The rajasthani folk music play with dhol, harmonioum, nagada, and dholak during Chari dance. Chari Dance is a very attractive dance of rajasthan. The Chari Dance perform at the time of marriage occasions, on the birth of a male child or any big festival celebration in rajasthan India.The women go many miles to collect water for the families and the joy is reflected through this Chari Dance of rajasthan. Chari Dance of rajasthan is a unique dance.

Chari Dance of Rajasthan is performed by groups of dancers. In chari dance woman hold chari or pots on their head and A lighted lamp is then placed in the pot.During chari dance woman dance with balancing brass pots [chari] on their heads. Women move together and dance on on a same .

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