How to Estimate The Budget of Wedding in Udaipur

How to Estimate the Budget of a Wedding by Udaipur RAJASTHAN Event Management COMPANY INDIA

On the basis of the interview with bride, groom and their parents, create a handy checklist of expenses for estimating the budget of the wedding.
E.g. of a handy checklist

1) Floral FLOWER delivery and setup fee (to the florist)

2) Decoration fee (to the decorator)

3) Engagement, wedding and Reception site fee (to the venue manager)

4) Catering fee

5) Musicians fee

6) Photographer’s fee

7) Cost of: bride and groom’s album, extra prints, negatives

8) Videographer’s fee

9) Cost of: video album (usually VCD / CD) with title and photo montage, Extra copies of video album

10) Accommodation and transportation cost for guests and other wedding Related activities.

11) Cost of rented items like Tent, wedding furniture, lighting and sound systems, cars etc.

12) Cost of gifts given to the groom and family members.

13) Cost of Jewellery given to the bride by groom’s parents

14) Wedding consultant’s fee

15) Cost of bride and groom’s attires for engagement, Tilak, Ladies Sangeet wedding and Reception Ceremony.

16) Boutique fee (for making and designing bride and groom attires)

17) Cost of bridal Jewellery and trousseau.

18) Hairdresser’s fee

19) Bridal Makeup artist’s fee

20) Fee of Groom’s Makeup artist

21) Manicurist’s fee

22) Pedicurist’s fee

23) Facial fee

24) Expenditure on fireworks display

25) DJ’s fee

26) Rent of DJ floor

27) Professional/Pop singer’s fee

28) Security personals’ fee

29) Registrar fee (for issuing a marriage certificate)

30) Mehendi artist fee

31) Cost of bride and groom’s engagement rings

32) Cost of garland

33) Cost of lighting and floral decoration at bride and groom’s homes

34) Stage Setup fee
35) Petal tossing fee

36) Cost of wedding band

37) Cost of fireworks display

38) Cost of decorating a wedding car

39) Cost of hiring a wedding car

40) Fee of wedding car driver

To estimate the overall budget of the wedding conduct risk Analysis And review historical data also.


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