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Paan holds a very important place in the lifestyle of India. Indian Cuisines are renowned for their spicy tang and flavor and are often followed by Mouth Fresheners like Paan. Due to its mesmerizing aroma & sweetness, Paan is loved by all the Indians. Hence, “Udaipur Paan” brings to you multi-flavored Paan that it prepares with exotic masalas and with a passion to relish your taste buds. For the last 12 years, Udaipur Paan has an iconic presence in Paan making. Be it ‘Chocolate Paan or Tobacco Paan’, and ‘Meetha Paan or Sada Paan’, if you take it, you will be filled with joy, refreshing your mood. We serve people with our savoring Paan through retail shops, along with making them available on special occasions like Marriages, Birthday Parties, Reception, etc. Our services for preparing Paan and Hookah have been a part of many weddings and parties to add a traditional value to them. The ingredients like fresh Paan (Betel) Leaf, Katha with Choona (lime paste), Supari (betel nuts), Tobacco, Chocolate, Sugar, Candies, etc. are sampled in the Paan in such a way that they create a magical taste, which you’ll cherish forever.

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Many of us may have eaten the paan for the refreshment at the various Indian weddings. And we have to say that it is certainly the best refreshment item right after the meal. In a majority of Indian weddings, you will find the stall of paan for both elders and kids. If we go by the ancient traditions, betel leaves are of great importance in many wedding rituals and also it is consumed by people because of their excellent digestive properties.

Be it the elders or the younger ones, everyone loves to eat paan, although the ingredients vary in the paan for kids and elders. There was a time when the paans at a wedding were available in limited flavors. But with the passage of time, that thing has changed completely. Nowadays, in most Indian weddings, you can easily find multiple stalls of paan in different flavors. Not only that but there is also a new concept of ‘paan shots’ that is massively popular among the younger generation. You can induce varieties of paan at your wedding to win the hearts of your guests.

Finding the renowned and affordable wedding paan vendors in Udaipur were used to be a daunting task but not anymore with Hiudaipur Event Planner at your side. At our online portal, you can find and book the majority of the well-known paan vendors in Udaipur city and dazzle your guests with the lip-smacking paan.

The Importance of Chewing Paan

The key reason why paan is chewed so much normally as well as at the wedding is that it’s an amazing mouth freshener. Apart from that, paan encompasses effective properties that help in digesting food quickly. Just eat a piece of paan right after having lunch or dinner and digest the heaviest of food easily. In most Indian weddings, you will find two separate sections for the paan. One section comprises tobacco paan which is only for the elders, while another section is for the kids and those people who don’t tobacco paan.

When it comes to the paan taste, the quality of the betel leaves plays a huge role. Meetha paan patta renders a sweet taste and is preferred by kids and teenagers, Banarasi betel leaves are quite hard in taste and are the ultimate choice of adults. Moreover, when a person chews the betel leaves on a regular basis, he/she reduces the chance of oral cancer, drastic fall in blood sugar level, and can use the betel leaves to heal the wounds.

What To Discuss with The Paan Vendors Before You Book Them?

Before you book paan stalls in Udaipur for the wedding function, there are various questions that you must ask them to ensure you are cracking the right deal.

1. Budget –  The more flavors of paan your include in the wedding, the more it will cost you. But you surely don’t like to overspend and cross the allocated budget. Therefore, ask the paan vendors, can they provide the services within the defined budget? If yes then, how many flavors of paan they can provide at the wedding?

2. Availability– Before you discuss prior requirements with the paan wala in Udaipur, ask him, is he available at the specific dates? If not, ask him to inform you if the deal vendor has got cancelled.

3. Do They Use Fresh Betel Leaves?– Paan prepared with fresh betel leaves taste way better than the paan prepared by using the preserved betel leaves. Ask the vendors, can they provide the paan prepared with fresh betel leaves at your wedding?

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