Fire Rajasthani Folk Dance Fire Rajasthan

Fire Dance Elements
This dance form makes use of flaming sticks. A troupe of musicians plays the drums to set a rhythm for the dancers. Rajasthani folk music is played with nagada, dhol and dholak. The dancers perform around the fire on a bed of flaming coal. They wear traditional colourful clothes to make the performance even more attractive and brighter.

Occasions for Fire Dance
You can witness this dance form at the desert areas of Rajasthan during festivals like Janmashthami and Holi. People from all over the world come to Rajasthan to see fire dance. It’s usually performed during the winter season.

The Jasnathis of Bikaner and Chum are well known for their tantric powers throughout Rajasthan and this dance is the marvelous example of their lifestyle. The dance takes place on a large ground, which is spread with live wood and charcoal. On this ground, the Jasnathi men and boys jump on to the fire with the accompaniment of drum beats.

These drumbeats give a tempo for the performance. This music gradually rises & sets a dance in a fast tempo. At a certain point, it reaches at a crescendo, where the dancers seem to be in a trance like state. The dancers perform their actions as if they are blessed with a divine protection. The performance on a large bed of flaming coals is considered as a specialty of this region. These devotional & exciting performances are usually seen during the late nights of winter.

Some of the traditional folk dance of Rajasthan by the Banjara Community is also called the same. But this dance is completely different from the above-mentioned performance. Here, the dance is performed around the Fire. The person dancing usually takes two flamed sticks in his hands and fills up his mouth with kerosene oil.Rajasthan’s Fire Dance With the accompaniment of some dancing steps, he throws the oil over the lamps.

There is divine protection to be offered, the Jasnaiths of Bikaner and Churu must be responsible for cornering most of it. These dancers perform on a large bed of flaming coals, their steps moving to the beat of drums that rises in crescendo till the dancers appear to be in a near-hypnotic state. And no, they’re not likely to have any blisters to show for it. These devotional performances are usually to be seen late on a winter’s.