Formal Marketing Event Script

RAHUL : whats the first thing that came to your mind
when I played this?

VIJAYA : Airtel Rahul

RAHUL : Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see how important role ads play in our daily life
so much so that it has become an integral part of it

VIJAYA : Truly said Rahul, there is no wall and no barrier that can keep us apart
if only we talk to each other
A very good morning respected dignitaries, sponsors, participants, audience
and you too RAHUL.

RAHUL : a very good morning Vijaya.

VIJAYA : And our special thanks to our sponsers Air tel who is the main sponsor
and Varadhi advertisers sponsoring adventurer and our panel members 1)
_______ 2) _______ 3) _______

RAHUL : We are very happy to welcome you on the behalf of the whole Siva
Sivani family to this grand finale of this year’s ad-venturer of our 14

VIJAYA : so Rahul do you have any idea about Samanvay ?

RAHUL : Yes, Samavay is the management meet organised by our college every
year. It endeavours to sharpen the entrepreneurial and manageme nt skills of
the students and offers a huge ocean of learning to everyone..and we are here
for the adventurer
Vijaya I am a bit confused about ad-venturer could you tell me what is this ad-
venturer ?

VIJAYA : you are working for ad-venturer and you don’t have any idea what ad-
venturer is all about ?


RAHUL : Ya I know ad-venturer is adventure. I think you got it ad-venturer
adventure Okk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VIJAYA : Shut- up Rahul !! listen to me carefully let me tell you about the ad-
venturer. ad-venturer is all about venturing and advertising in short fun in the
world of ads and their creation it is an event to explore the innovative part of
your mind that lets your mind release your thoughts in the domain of ad-
vertising freely .

RAHUL : okkkk I didn’t kne w it consist of this much of adventure Sorry this is much of confusion yaar

VIJAYA :Leave it….. be serous rahul dnt 4ge t y r here

RAHUL : First of all we would like to congratulate all the participants who have
made it to the finale by overcoming all the hurdles and enjoying all the way
through. We would also like to assure you that this round would make you look
into your creativity and imagination.

: let us give the contestants some idea as to w hat are they going to do
in this round.RAHUL : I guess that is what we are here for. So friends this round is called
“E Y E D E A”
the teams will be given a product that does not exists in reality. The y
have to develop an advertisement and enact it on the stage.
Each team will be given 6 mins time to present their add.
After that each team will have to face the questions from the panel members
The teams will be e valuate d on the basis of their creativity, concept, acting,
message delivery and question answers.
Please note, no additional time will be provided and the decision of judges will
be final and binding.

VIJAYA : ok so its all about tickling your creativity and imagination so
participants pull up your socks and audience fasten up your seat belts because
we are going to take you to the most exciting and thrilling world of ads.
Remember participants always think big think fast and think ahead as ideas are
no ones monopoly so all the best to all of you.

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