Kacchi Ghodi Dance

Specially, notorious were the bandits of the Shekhawati region, owing mostly to the high concentration of businessmen and traders in that part of Rajasthan. And

traders meant money; and traders meant long overnight journeys on caravans laden with expensive wares. The Kachhi Ghodi Dance Rajasthan depicts the confrontation of

the bandits of the Bavaria clan of tribes with the passing commoners.

Kacchi Ghodi Dance
This dance form is performed on dummy horses by the men wearing beautiful traditional costumes with embellishments and mirror work. The horses on which they perform

the dance are also dressed to the ‘T’ and they hold swords while performing. Drums and fiffies are played on which they do the dance. The tales of Bavaria bandits are

said and narrated by the singers of Shekhawati region.
The ones who are into performing arts mostly hail from the tribes of Rajasthan. Horses have always been considered as an important part of Rajasthan during the

warfares which is quite evident with the loyal vehicle of Rana Pratap Singh, Chetal. They symbolize royal strength.
Performance of Kacchi-Ghodi Dance
This dance is performed is performed by men on dummy horses on wearing the beautiful and colorful traditional outfits with embellishments and embroidery and mirror

work. It showcases rigorous sword fighting.
Kacchi-Ghodi Dance Elements
The main elements of this dance are the horses, swords, the colorful attires and the ballads on which the dance is performed. This dance form is basically performed on

every happy occasion like a marriage, festival or any celebration where these dancers enthrall the audience with their art.
Occasions for Kacchi-Ghodi Dance
This dance form is basically performed on the party of the bridegrooms where the dancers perform on the ballads beautifully showcasing the mock sword fighting and

their swift movement on the sound of the drums and the fiffies. This is a very famous folk dance which is performed with full enthusiasm and zest. The viewers are

spell bound after seeing the beautiful presentation of tradition and culture.