Live Tawa Ice Cream

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Tawa Ice Cream

Tawa Ice Cream Machine is the same as Fried Ice Cream Machine (known more widely and commonly). Tawa – word in Hindi means Plate. Hence comes the name, as the machine offers a cold plate (usually circular) which allows the server to prepare live ice cream with fresh fruits/flavors right in front of the customer as per his/her needs.

The concept of ‘Tawa Icecream’ is taken from thai roll ice cream which we modified with the authentic cooking pan of India. ‘Tawa’ or ‘tava’ is a term used for a large flat disc shape pan made from cast iron or aluminum to prepare all kinds of flatbreads in Asian countries. By blending the thai dessert recipe with an ancient Indian pan we invented the idea of Tawa ice-creams. Tawa Icecream is a handmade live ice cream made by pouring in-house fresh milk and cream on freezing square tawa at -22 degree Celsius temperature mixed with different ingredients and toppings in just 2 minutes. Relish this modern rendition of cuisine with authentic cooking style at Hiudaipur Event Planner outlets by customizing it with the flavors of your fantasies. Pour, Spread, Add toppings and Roll!

We serve you nutritious dessert from fresh ingredients by cooking fancy masterpieces. Anyone can enjoy these 2 minutes freezing live ice-creams by customized them with fresh and seasonal products. Create, spread, roll and taste your favourite ice cream like an artist. Get your piece of creation by our chef artisans on the canvas of tawa into the colours of fresh flavours with the toppings of your fantasies.

Wake up an artist inside you and give wings to your imagination by playing with the flavours as much as you want!

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