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Loan in Udaipur is a countrywide complete financial services company who guide their clients with a simple and easy way to get loan. We also guide our clients how to invest and save their money for future plans.

Our web site also provides access to several preferred, nationally recognized lending partners that may be able to assist you in obtaining a loan that meets your financial needs.


We have a team of expert  who are always ready to help you through their expert advice. We strive our best to fulfill your need. We take utmost care of your investment through a range of Investment products being offered by banks and various companies.

About Us

We are Udaipur based loan providers exclusively for Udaipur& Region, helping the clients by providing them valuable information on all types of retail loans available, like Personal Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan, Loan Against Property etc.

Since our inception in the year 2001 we are constantly striving to provide our clients the best loan deals in Udaipur. We have successfully disbursed more than a thousand retail loans.

At Loans Udaipur customer satisfaction and retention is above all and our dedicated staff member takes care of individual loan needs.

Loans Udaipur is associated with the best financial institutions active in the Udaipur Region, namely Axis Bank, LIC Housing, India Bulls, Govt. Bank etc.

Our aim is to provide fast and hassle free loans in Udaipur. To avail the information, all that needs to be done is to fill up the application form available on our website.

One of our loan advisers will get in touch with you with range of loan quotes just go through them and choose the one that best suits your financial requirements.

So if you are a Salaried, Business Person or a Professional, loans fitting your state of affairs might be just a click away & do not worry about the paperwork, will come to you and help you with all the paperwork.


Now it’s time to realize your dreams. Whatever is your Dream viz a new car, your dream House, Wedding, Planning for Family holiday, Child’s Education.Whatever is your need, we offer you various range of loan products.

Personal loan:
Personal Loans are the loans for your immediate personal needs.
Whether you require money for your home renovation or the new laptop, be it vacations with family or paying off the credit card debts. Personal loan is your friend in need, which smoothens up your cash flow to take care of your immediate needs. Payment options?? No Problem. You have the liberty to payoff your debts, at a given interest rates in 3-4 years.

Due to the uncertainty of moment and no reliance on the wheels of fortune, many a times we are confronted with situations where we require a substantial amount of money. We cannot ignore them, neither do we want to, but sometimes we just lack the adequate monetary resources required to handle a situation properly during the course of our lives.. This is where personal loans come in.

A blessing in disguise, a personal loan is basically meant to cater to an individual’s need during any requirement, urgent or otherwise. Be it the purchase of a television or refrigerator, paying off your credit card dues, wedding of your children, etc. you can use it for anything you want. The major advantage of taking a personal loan is the fact of it’s all purpose utility for one’s personal use.

To add to its benefits, there is no need for any clarification to the lending party regarding as to how one would use would this borrowed money (unlike specific loans like car loans and education loans, where you need to provide details for the purpose of the loan). Another advantage is that the processing is also faster when compared to other loans. What’s more, you don’t even need any security, collateral or guarantor for the same.

While personal loans are the seemingly perfect solution to one’s needs, proper care must always be to compare all options before taking the final leap. The most important factor, as always, is the rate of interest being charged. Many times, banks might look like giving cheaper interest rates but might cover-up the costs under the heads of precessing fee and other charges.

Hence, one should always look at the effective rate of interest.
1. PROOF OF IDENTITY (any one)
♦ Passport
♦ Driving License
♦ Voter’s ID
♦ PAN Card

♦ Ration Card
♦ Utility Bill
♦ LIC Policy Receipt
4. PROOF OF INCOME (Salaried)
♦ Proof of Continuity of Current Profession
♦ Bank Statement from Operating Account
♦ Income Tax Returns with Computation of Income/Certified Financials
5. Proof of Highest Qualification Degree for Doctors.

Business loan:
Are you thinking about growing your business, or making a large equipment purchase? We have a range of loans to suit your business needs.

Business Loans is also an individual loan taken to mitigate the business requirements or to raise working capital. Business Loans sanctioning authorities generally seek a professional project report with immediate and future projections of business transactions, cash flow and gross profit. No collateral security, mortgage or group members guarantee is needed against the business loan. It is an unsecured loan. Business Loan is type of personal loan only but sanctioned to serve the purpose of running a small business. The criterion to get a business loan is not the status of the business but the personal status of finance or capacity of repayment.

Home Loan:
Get your DreamHome – with a little help from us. Home loan brings your Dream House at your doorstep.Home Loan, help you realize your dream. It is easiest way to build your own sweet NEST.

Owning your own home is quintessentially a dream come true. Living in your own house brings a sense of ultimate satisfaction which cannot be described in words. It is the most wonderful thing of living in a place that has been purchased through your hard earned effort. Home loan lets you finance your dream home. You can get home loan from the lender and the property involved acts as a collateral. Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of your life and henceforth should be carefully considered. The typical repayment continues for 10-20 years and there are few things you should ponder before getting the home loan: Need big amount to expand your business or for other financial needs.

Car loan:
Are Youlooking to buy your first car, Drive away the car of your dreams – with New Car Loan! Even you can go for a Used Car Loan.

In India, almost 85 per cent of the car sales are financed by loans. With the launch of small budget cars, the demand in car market has increased exponentially. Nowadays, almost every individual dreams to buy a car that fulfills his/her requirements. If you are one of them, car loans can help in turning your dream into reality.

To bring home the car of your dreams, it is pertinent to take the help of right car loan, which takes care of all your monetary woes.

To do the same, our extensive repository of self-help articles, case studies, blogs and news will help you in understanding the car loan sector and give a clearer picture of varied options. It is necessary to know about car loan basics and the parameters influencing it, otherwise, the task of finding the right car loan would be like searching for a pin in the hay stack. Here, you would not only be able to make a systematic comparison of different loan options available but can also apply for them online, which means less paper-work and fast loan disbursement process.

To get the best car loan, you are required to have a detailed comparison of varied car loans options available in India and make a systematic study of their quotes on the basis of various parameters including loan amount, annual income, age, car value, repayment period, occupation, etc

Loan against property:
Need additional funds for your business or other needs? “LOAN AGAINST PROERTY” gives you the perfect opportunity to supplement your regular cash flow,plan a dream wedding, Funds for your child’s education and much more.

Your propery is a hidden gold, you can. Now you can avail a loan against your own residential / commercial property to expand your business or any other financial need.

We provides you a range of Banks & NBFCs that offer you Loan against property at competitive rates & extends various benefits
Attractive interest rates
Instant application
Aplicable on residential or commercial property
Minimal documentation
Repayment through easy installments

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