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Welcome to PMCH

Pacific Medical College & Hospital is a unit of Tirupati Balaji Educational Trust. It is spread over an area of 32.14 acres, beautifully landscaped and, surrounded by lush green hills of Bhillo Ka Bedla Pratappura, Udaipur (Raj), a ‘B’ class city on National Highway 27.

This Hospital is a 402 bedded, multispecialty, tertiary level health care center with state of the art equipment, infrastructure & a team of highly experienced, qualified, skilled & motivated technical manpower. The hospital has well established departments both in diagnostic & therapeutic fields as well as in supporting logistics services.

The Trust’s Mission is to bring standard health care within the reach of every individual while committed to achieving and maintaining excellence. With this mission, the trust has embarked upon the Medical College Project so as to augment doctor population ratio and make available standard medical facilities to the people of Mewar region in Rajasthan and neighboring areas of Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh.


The umbrella department of Pathology has sub departments such as Histopathology, Oncopathology, Cytopathology, Immunology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, & Bio Chemistry. The department of Microbiology has sections for Bacteriology, Virology & Mycobacteriology. All the sub departments are equipped with highly sophisticated and latest models of equipment such as bactec for microbiology, cobas in biochemistry & Microscopes in Histopathology. All routine & special tests are performed every day.The department is headed by Prof SS Surana who is the best known histo onco pathologist in the state of Rajasthan & having a national standing. He is assisted by Prof SK Mehra, an exceptionally competent and experienced Microbiologist. The other medical and para medical staff too is highly qualified and dedicated to the core.


The P.M.C.H is integrated with laded super multispecialty hospital. The department of physiotherapy is equipped with excellent facilities and is able to administer from basic to most advanced foam of therapy.

Physiotherapy department of PMCH is running successfully from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
It is well equipped with advanced modalities like scanner laser, long wave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, short wave diathermy. Tens, interferential therapy etc.


The P.M.C.H department is a small but very busy clinical area offering a variety of treatments and services. We take referrals from local general practitioners (Pmch) and specialists within Hospital Pmch Trust, as well as from Pacific Medical College hospitals.


The Accidental Emergency Department is housed in an independent block of the hospital building with an independent, easy & direct access. It is also ideally located in relation to central laboratory, Dept of Radio diagnosis & Imaging, Intensive care units; patient lifts and has its own dedicated major and minor OT. The department is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a team of experienced casualty medical officers and Nurses. It is self-contained for handling all types of emergencies.The department has 15 bedded male ward, 10 bedded female ward and 4 bedded resuscitation ward. The resuscitation ward is equipped with ICU beds, multi parameter monitors, defibrillator, ventilator, infusion pumps etc. The male & female wards are also provided with monitors and piped oxygen and vacuum.

The department’s other areas are a reception & registration, consultation rooms, treatment room, dressing room, plaster room, mobile x Ray room, ECG room, CMOs rest room, toilet block etc.


There are a total of 59 critical care beds in the hospital. All the beds are modern ICU beds and have multi parameter monitors, piped oxygen & vacuum, shared defibrillators & ventilators. The beds are distributed in three ICU’s of 15 beds each, 5 bed PICU, 5 bed NICU and 4 beds in the Emergency Medicine Department’s critical care sec.

The ICUs are designed as modules of 5 beds each and confirm to best practices towards reduction of hospital associated infection. Each module is enclosed with fixed glass to function as patient visitor’s gallery. Each bed has a composite bed head unit including power outlets, Oxygen & vacuum outlet and pendant to hold multipara meter monitor. Each patient monitor is linked with central monitoring station of the respective ICU.

One of the three ICUs functions as 10 bedded coronary care unit and 05 bedded respiratory intensive care. All the respiratory care beds have dedicated ventilator. The second ICU caters for a 05 bedded Neurosurgical intensive care & 10 bedded Surgical ICU. The third 15 bedded ICU is utilized as a general cum cum step down unit.

The Department of Critical care is staffed with qualified Critical Care Specialists, residents doctors and highly trained Nurses in a nurse patient ratio of 1 : 1.


The Department of Medicine has separate Male and Female wards with Central piped Oxygen and vacuum. All wards have a toilet block, pantry, nursing station, duty rooms for nurses & resident doctors. The wards are very spacious, well lighted, ventilated and get plenty of day light.

The Medicine OPD is housed in an independent block which is well sign posted and is close to the hospital pharmacy and diagnostic facilities. The OPD is self-contained with a total of eight consultation rooms, two demonstration rooms, an injection room, a sample collection room, an ECG room with multi-channel machine, a TMT room, an Echo Cardiography and Colour Doppler room, an EEG room and a central nursing station.

The Department has facilities for upper as well as lower GI endoscopy.

The department of Medicine provides round the clock cover for all routine and emergency services in the hospital which includes intensive care units, Emergency Medicine Department and cross referrals from all other specialties in the hospital.

The department of General Medicine is headed by Prof B. S. Bomb, a physician of national repute and an icon in the city under whom there are other highly qualified and experienced faculty members.


The department of General Surgery is headed by Dr. K. C. Vyas, a highly experienced Surgeon of National repute with exceptional surgical skills as a God’s gift under whom there are other well experienced & competent faculty members. Department has separate 02 x Male and 01 x Female wards each with 30 beds & Central piped Oxygen and vacuum. All wards have a toilet block, pantry, nursing station, duty rooms for nurse & resident doctors. The wards are very spacious, well lighted, ventilated and get plenty of day light.The Surgery OPD is housed in an independent block which is well sign posted and is close to the hospital pharmacy, Physiotherapy Dept, and Radio diagnosis Dept. The OPD is self-contained with a total of eight consultation rooms, two demonstration rooms, a well-equipped minor OT & 02 x dressing rooms. All the rooms are furnished well and there is central nursing station.

The main Operation theatre complex of the hospital has a total of nine operation suits including 03 x modular and 01 for all endoscopies. All the suits are fitted with high quality ceiling mounted shadow less LED lights with cameras, pendants for anesthesia work station, monitors & medical gases & vacuum, anti-bacterial flooring, HEPA filters and laminar flow. The theatre is centrally air conditioned and strictly meets the temperature, humidity & number of air changes per hour as required for all types of surgeries. Each operating suit has a separate air handling Unit. All four zones of the theatre are well laid, demarcated and have air locks. The theatre complex is located on the top floor and it is a part of the entire length of front elevation of the hospital.

The department provides round the clock cover for all routine and emergency services in the hospital. This includes intensive care units as well as emergency medicine department service. The Dept also provides cross specialty referral service to all other depts in the hospital.


The hospital has a 30 bedded Orthopaedic center with separate male & female wards. The OPD is located on the ground floor. There are four consultation rooms, a demonstration room, a plaster cutting room, a plaster application & dressing room. The OPD is in proximity to the department of physiotherapy.The team of orthopaedic surgeons is experienced, very competent and trained well both at home and abroad. Elective as well as trauma cases are being managed thoroughly professionally. The specialty has a dedicated modular operating suit which has equipment for arthroscopic surgery, joint replacements, spine surgery etc. A sophisticated orthopedic operating table and C arm image intensifier are available. The department is providing orthopaedic services for elective cases in the hospital, emergency services for trauma cases and referral to other departments in the hospital.


The Hospital has a modern Department of Obstetrics Gynecology. There are 25 Obstetric beds and 15 Gynaecology beds. The wards are spacious, well furnished, lighted & ventilated with plenty of day light factor. The department provides round the clock services for routine, elective and emergency Obs & Gynae patients and cross referrals services as and when asked for in other OPDs and female wards.The Obstetrics and Gynaecology OPD is on the ground floor, very well sign posted, largely self-contained, easily accessible and close to the patient lifts. There are four good size consultation rooms, an ante natal checkup room, an ultra sonography room, a room for family welfare center, a demonstration room and a room for cancer screening. In addition there is central nursing station a toilet block.

There are separate delivery suits for clean and infected cases. The delivery suite are well equipped with fetal monitors, portable ultra sound machine, warmers, multi parameter monitors etc. The first stage labor and post-delivery rooms are also well furnished. The delivery suite complex has dedicated & attached operation rooms separately for clean and septic cases. The department is carrying out all gynecologic, Obstetric, Uro gynecologic surgeries both open and laparoscopic.

Dr Kamlesh Punjabi, Prof & HOD is heading a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members and nursing staff.


The Pediatrics department has 24 beds. In addition there are 5 beds each for Neonatal & Paediatric intensive care. The PICU and NICU are equipped with state of the art monitoring and therapeutic machines such as ventilators, multipara monitors, photo therapy units, warmers, infusion pumps etc.The Paediatric OPD is well planned and has besides consultation rooms, an immunization room, play area, demonstration room ad a counselling room. The vaccination facility is available on all week days. In addition to vaccines covered under NIP, other vaccines as recommended by the Paediatrician are also made available.


Department of Oto Rhino Laryngology is also well equipped with sophisticated equipment & instruments for diagnosis of Ear, Nose and Throat diseases. The department has 10 beds including those for females. Facilities for advanced endoscopic and micro surgery are available.The Oto Rhino Laryngology OPD is housed on the first floor along with that for Ophthalmology and has four consultation rooms, an independent reception cum registration, a minor OT, an audiometry room and a speech therapy room all of which are fully equipped.

The Department is headed by Dr PC Jain, a renowned professor with God gifted surgical skills, experience and knowledge.


The Department of Ophthalmology is well equipped with state of the art equipment both at the OPD and Operation theatre. The OPD complex of the Dept has four consultation rooms, a refraction room, dark room, minor OT and a demonstration room. The department has a dedicated ophthalmic operating suite in the main operation theatre complex of the hospital. This suite is equipped with advanced phaeco emulsification machine and operating microscope.


Department of Anesthesiology caters to all the surgical disciplines of the hospital by providing peri-operative care for elective as well as emergency surgeries. The Department is also providing Intensive care and pain management services in hospital. There are a total of 9 operating rooms in the Operation Theatre including those in the Emergency Medicine & Obstetrics Departments.There are a total of 45 beds in various ICU’s and 5 beds each in the NICU & PICU of the hospital. The faculty from the Department is providing lifesaving intensive care in the form of monitoring & supporting functions of vital organ systems of the body such as CVS, CNS, Respiratory, Hepatic, Renal etc 24 x 7. All the ICU’s are well equipped with state of the art monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, blood gas analysis machine, Oxygen & vacuum pipe lines, infusion pumps etc.

The Operation theatre is spacious, well designed and meets all standards for maintenance of sterility. Three of the total nine operating suits are modular. The Anesthesia work stations are advanced 2/3 gas versions and equipped with both invasive & noninvasive monitors and ventilators. All modern equipment such as shadow less ceiling mounted LED lights with cameras, electro hydraulic operation tables, operating microscopes, endoscopes; difficult airway management set, C Arm image intensifier, surgical diathermies etc are available.

The operation theatre complex is centrally air conditioned strictly meeting required temperature, humidity, number of air changes per hour and fitted with HEPA filters.

Dr (Mrs) Vimla Dosi is heading the team of highly qualified and experienced Anesthesiologists. In addition to rendering clinical services the Department is also contributing significantly towards administrative responsibilities in the hospital.


The department of Radio diagnosis & Imaging is co-located with the central reception/registration and emergency. It has four x Ray rooms with 300 & 500 MA static digital X Ray machines and 100 MA mobile ones. The digital machines have fluoroscopy facility. The film processing is done through computerized radiography system.The ultrasonography section of the department has two high end color Doppler machines, a mammography machine and two portable machines. The department is under expansion with an MRI and CT scanner being under procurement.

The department of Radio diagnosis and Imaging is headed by Prof DP Agarwal, a Radiologist & Radiotherapist of national stature. He is assisted by experienced and competent medical and technical staff.


The hospital has an ultra-modern; Licensed Blood Bank which provides whole blood and components for our patients. All the blood donors are volunteers including patient relatives. The blood bank is also augmented by organizing blood donation camps on its own as well as in collaboration with local NGO’s. All the donors are medically examined and blood so collected is strictly screened for HIV, HBsAG, Malaria parasite etc. The blood bank staff is also medically examined periodically for infectious diseases. The services of the bank are available round the clock. The department is equipped with latest “Apheresis Apparatus” to provide single donor platelet facility.


The Dept OPD has facilities like Laser Ablation, Bleaching, and Dermal Biopsies for diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses. The department is providing cross referral services in the OPD and cover to Critical Patient in ICU like steven johnson syndrome, drug reactions etc. The department also has 08 beds for indoor treatment of patients.


Department of Dentistry is well equipped with Dental Chair, OPG Machine, Dental X-ray machines. Dentistry includes the diagnosis, treatment, maintenance, dental surgery and prevention of oral diseases. This also includes the complete face and maxilla.


Today physiotherapy also known as physical therapy is the most important rehabilitation service needed in a community and vital therapeutic supplement of the medical profession integral to the treatment of most patient.
Physiotherapy may be defined as a science that seeks to improve movement dysfunction, promote optimal health and functions of the human body.

The PMCH is integrated with laded super multispecialty hospital. The department of physiotherapy is equipped with excellent facilities and is able to administer from basic to most advanced foam of therapy.
Physiotherapy department of PMCH is running successfully from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
It is well equipped with advanced modalities like scanner laser, long wave diathermy, ultrasound therapy, short wave diathermy. Tens, interferential therapy etc.
LABS :- Exercise therapy lab
Spread on the floor of square foot, the state of the art exercise therapy lab as highly sophisticated equipment and expert in physiotherapy to care for the patients.
The following specialties run under exercise therapy department

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy unit
  • Neurological physiotherapy unit
  • Low back pain unit
  • Pain relief unit
  • Cerebral palsy rehabilitation unit
  • Special care program for diabetic patients
  • Reconstructive surgery rehabilitative unit


  • Scanner laser unit
  • Long wave diathermy unit
  • Short wave diathermy unit
  • Advanced ultrasound with due frequency head
  • Interferential therapy unit
  • Transcutanous electrical nerve stimulation( TENS )
  • Paraffin wax bath
  • Hydrocollateral pack unit
  • Faradic galvanic stimulation
  • I.R.R
  • U.V.R

Equipped with modalities of latest technology using international standards. The department serves to relieve pain, promote healing and alleviate inflammation & strengthen muscles.
Long wave diathermy is much better & superior modality for relieving pain, compared to Short wave diathermy & Ultrasound.
Few points about long wave which makes it better treatment modalitycompared to SWD & Ultrasound:-

  • Long wave works at 1 MHz, whereas Short wave works at 27.12 MHz, since long wave has less frequency, there will be minimal loss of energy.
  • SWD produces heat dye to molecular friction, which causes tissue destruction.
  • Long wave has power output of just 25 watts, where as SWD generates 250 to 1000 watts of power.
  • Unlike SWD, Long wave will not produce any interference with other equipments.
  • Long wave can be used, with patients having metal implants.
  • Heat generated due to Long wave, will remain for 45mins.
  • Long wave has deep penetration of 40mm.
  • Unlike Ultrasound, Long wave will not have any irritation to boney parts.
  • Most of the energy remains in high density tissue like ligaments tendons. So very effective in ligaments & tendon tear.
  • Wave Length: 300 meters.
  • Frequency: 1 MHz

Benefits of Steam Bath Therapy

The benefits of a steam bath have been known and practiced for centuries. Steam baths today are renowned for purifying and detoxifying the body, stimulating the immune system, increasing blood circulation, and promoting physical and mental well being.

Steam Bath the Ultimate Cleanse

Nothing releases toxins from the body with the same precision as the steam bath. The soothing warmth opens the pores, which lifts out the impurities of everyday living. Soft, supple and healthy skin minus the use of harsh chemicals is the conclusion.

Steam Baths Promote Good Health

Home steam baths are great for promoting good health. Allergy sufferers often turn to daily steam bath therapy as steam inhalation supports the respiratory system and may help sufferers to alleviate their sinus afflictions.

Relax Muscles in Steam Bath Tranquility

Steam baths generate heat, which in turns helps aching muscles to relax, widening the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow through them, and in turn releasing tension. Many users feel that the heat generated by steam causes the whole body to slip into a state of inner sanctum rendering steam baths perfect for those who suffer from arthritis or consistent muscle pain.

Steam Baths are Eco Friendly

Steam showers conserve more water than the regular shower or bath. With green concerns on the rise, steam bath units take only two gallons of to power a 20 minute steam bath as opposed to regular showers which can consume 30 gallons of water. Taking a steam bath is responsibly green!

Steam Bath Dream

Relaxation inducing steam bathing is known to help promote a better night’s sleep, resulting in a more revitalized you.


LASER is abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
Scanning LASER Therapy consist of highly precise LASER Optics system to deliver LASER energy to a given area of treatment.
The LASER optics is driven by LASER reflecting mirrors mounted on very high motor controlled by microprocessors.
This system allows the user to quickly set the area of treatment & thereby easily deliver even dose of laser energy to a given area without the need of an operator.
Scanning laser is the best method of treating all types of wound, burns and superficial pains such as LOW BACK PAIN
Today LASER is one of the most sophisticated methods of treating chronic wounds, ulcers, diabetic foot etc. Many sports injuries such as tennis elbow, golf elbow,supraspinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can be very affective treated with LASER.
Common pain problems such as low back pain, neck pain,spondilitis and osteoarthritis can also be treated effectively with LASER.


Psoriasis, cancer, Antibiotic effects, Acne,Wound healing (both infected & non infected) vitamin D synthesis.


In addition to the departments mentioned above the hospital has following vital functional centers/facilities:-

  • Emergency & Trauma Services.
  • Department of Psychiatry.
  • Anaesthesia OPD.
  • Pain Clinic.
  • Department of Pulmonary medicine.
  • Hospital kitchen and cafeteria.
  • Modern mechanical laundry.
  • Well trained housekeeping and Bio Medical waste disposal staff.
  • Family welfare center.
  • Medical gases and vacuum pipe line in OT and all wards.
  • 45 Single bedded Super deluxe & Deluxe Private suits.
  • Modern Patient Lifts
  • Well stocked pharmacy