Rajasthani Dances Folk Dances of Rajasthan

A major attraction of Rajasthan is the traditional dance form ‘Ghoomar’ which is derived from the Hindi word ‘Ghoomnar’, meaning pirouetting. The clock and anti clock twirls of woman in circles, wearing colourful long ‘ghagras'(skirts) is a spectacular showcase of gaiety. Originating in the Bhil tribe and later percolating to other Rajasthani communities, this dance form involves graceful movements of hands and measured steps. It is usually performed during festivals like Teej and Gangaur, offering devotion to Lord Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva. A bride is expected to dance ‘Ghoomar’ after being welcomed in her husband’s house. The veiled faces of the women folk dancing to the songs indicate modesty. The whirling and free- flowing robes accompanied by the melody of musical instruments like ‘manjeera’ and ‘dholak’, stupefies the bystanders.

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