Rickshaw for Wedding Entry

Rickshaw for Wedding Entry in Udaipur|Decorated Scooter for Bride & Groom Entry Dungarpur|Wedding Dulhan Jai Mala Ceremony Entry Buggy Banswara

This is Decorative Open Auto Rickshaw for Bride Groom Entry.  This is a new trending idea for bride & groom entry in the wedding hall. It’s a unique idea. It can be used for Wedding decoration in front of the entrance of the wedding hall and Bride and Groom Entry. It is a new idea in the market. We are providing this type of such a unique item for the wedding entry. It will give great look to your wedding. It is very attractive for your relatives. 

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Desi-Entry in an Auto

How about a groom’s wedding entry in an auto? Entering your wedding venue in an auto rickshaw is an extremely quirky idea. You can hire an auto-rickshaw and decorate it with flowers. If your bride is up for it, both of you can make an entry together in the auto too. This groom drove to the Mandap in this decorated auto-rickshaw, in style. Do not miss the board that reads “Team Groom”. Want to double the fun? You can hire many autos and let your Baraat enter as a line of autos with perfect songs playing the background! Now doesn’t that sound cool!

Entering on a Royal Enfield Bullet

If you are about to get married, you can showcase your love for bikes by entering your wedding on one. What’s better than a Bullet? Later, after all the ceremonies are over, your bride too can join you on your onward journey. Whether it is your passion or second love, entering the wedding on a Royal Enfield has its own thrill. Talk about impressing your bride and sweeping her off her feet in one go! You can also go for superbikes or any wheels of your dreams for the big day that you want your wedding entry to be on. Who needs a horse when you can use horsepower to impress your bride?

Dancing inside a Truck

All Indian weddings are incomplete without a Barat, Dhol beats, and some noise. To take this another level, grooms these days are hiring a mini truck to ferry their closest friends and cousins to the wedding venue. Who would’ve imagined doing this could also be a way of a groom wedding entry that too with the Barat. The truck can also be a make-do DJ station, playing loud music and keeping everyone on their toes! Hire a couple of trucks with one for your family, one for your DJ, one for the refreshments like Hookah and everyone can hop on and off whenever they feel like it. That would definitely make for the most ‘lit’ Barat affair ever. All those rad dreams of the coolest entry to make an impression can now come true in a truck.

Opting for a Buggy

Instead of opting for one horse, opt for two. Not sure what we mean? You can always enter your wedding in a decorated buggy. Most often than not, the local band guys will offer you the option of choosing a Ghodi or a buggy. You can request the vendor to decorate the buggy in vibrant flowers and bright fabrics, matching the theme of your wedding. Your close friends, nieces, and nephews can and ride along with you on your buggy. You can play cheesy Bollywood music or some rocking Dhol and dance your way to the wedding venue. This way the buggy will make for a comical yet sassy entry. And what’s in it for the bride? Well her bidaai can be on the same buggy you rode in, anyway two horses are always better than one.

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