Royal Brass Band and Tower Light

Royal Brass Band Udaipur|Tower Light Dungarpur, Bhinmal|Wedding Band Kumbhalgarh, Rishabhdev

The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band is a living embodiment of this landscape, a spectacular celebration of its vibrant and colorful lifestyle, its music and dance a heady, exciting, and hypnotic reflection of this enchanting region.

Extensive touring since 2009 has established them as the premier touring Rajasthani brass band for literally all events, from festivals and melas to parties and weddings. With a diverse repertoire spanning Rajasthani folk songs, Bollywood hits spiritual qawwali, Bhangra beats. sci-fi and intergalactic funk and even some well-loved pop songs, these vividly costumed artists cover the full spectrum of the evocative and joyous music that governs life in Rajasthan.

Highly talented musicians from Udaipur, Rajasthan’s renowned “Lake City”, the surrounding villages, make up the brass core of this rousing new ensemble on trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and sousaphone, supplemented with clarinet, against an insistent background of percussion on the side, bass, and dhol drums.

Optional extras to the lineup include a dancer and a fakir. Dancing to this uplifting music is unavoidable and is offered in two unique styles – Kalbelia, or Sapera, and Bollywood. The Kalbelia are nomadic snake charmers with the traditionally dressed and bejeweled dancers mirroring the sinuous movements of the cobra.  In complete contrast, with a quick change of costume and musical line-up later we are suddenly transported to Bollywood. The gravity-defying, eye-watering, mesmerizing feats of the amazing fakir come with a warning for the squeamish and faint-hearted and instructions not to try doing this at home – sometimes seeing is NOT believing!

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