Sugam Sangeet is one such form of music which combines classicism and modernity in right balance. Of great lyrical quality, the Sugam Sangeet is a india form of the Ghazal and is extremely soothing to the ears and the soul as well.

The lyrics incorporated here are rich poetic verses. Not constrained by the strict disciplinary standards of Hindustani Classical Music, Sugam Sangeet is lyric based and emanates soft lilting tunes in its rendition maintaining a classical touch as well.
Popular exponents of Sugam Sangeet
Ravi has been instrumental in being the pioneer and perpetuator of Sugam Sangeet or light classical music. The India light music, written and tuned by him creates an aura of peace and serenity when performed. Sugam Sangeet in India owes a lot to the like. who have been contributing extensively to the genre over the years.
Sugam Sangeet, a different kind of musical interpretation is a “must listen to” for any traveler on Tour to India. It specifically calms the mind and soul with the power of wonderful poetic verses and the lyrical quality of its pieces.