Terah Taal Thirteen Beat Dance

Terah Taal (Thirteen Beat) Dance –

The Terah Taal dance is a beautiful musical dance in which the dancers place manjeeras (little brass discs) on their waist, legs, hands and forehead, at least thirteen places on their body. This dance is performed as a kind of ritual to please Baba Ramdeo, a local deity of Rajasthan.

Terah Taal Dance in Rajasthan is one of the excellent folk dances of Rajasthan. The beats of Terah Taal Dance in Rajasthan remind us of Rajasthan”s rich cultural heritage and folk traditions. The Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan generally performed along with Manjeeras and other metallic discs which are made of bronze, brass, copper and zinc.

During the Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan the music of the Ektara accompanies the dance performance. Manjeeras are tied to thirteen different parts of the parts of the body. The sounds of these Manjeeras produce the Terah Taal or the thirteen beats.Often during the Terah Taal the dances with swords are also performed. The Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan requires accuracy and precision which can only be done by the professional dancers who participate in this beautiful dance performance. On your tour to Rajasthan, you can get a glimpse of the Terah Taal Dance, Rajasthan and attracts tourists from all over.

Terah thirteen cymbals are used to give rhythm to the intricate movements of the performer and to provide a synchronous pulse to the accompanying musical instruments as well as the devotional singing is a bewitching performance. Nine cymbals are fastened on the right leg, seven between the knee and the ankle, one on the instep, one on the big toe, and each on both the arms, while the performer or sometimes two, sit in front the heroon housing the image of the legendary Ramdeoji along with the accompanists playing on chutara and khartla, singing songs in adoration of the saint.

To begin with, the accompainsts chant in slow rhythm and the performer streching the right leg a little, starts striking the cymbals in hands against those tied up at different places. With the increase in the tempo, the performer stirred into rapid lively movement weaves some intriguing patterns by changing the sequence of the strikes and embellishments in the rhythm. The magnificence of this grandiose spectacle lies in the simultaneity of the swift and elegant rocking motion of the performer- leaning, inclining and swaying back and forth of the torso, while striking tinkling cymbals with great precision, as if in a hypnotic trance.

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