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A real gem in Catering Industry

Events and occasions hold great importance in our lives. And to turn them into a grand success, we count on professional catering services that leave no stone unturned. Hiudaipur Event Caterers is one such trusted name in the catering industry. We know what it takes to make fabulous experiences worth one’s memories. Considering this, we go the extra mile when it comes to bestowing our customers with wonderful food table décor, unmatched services, scrumptious food, and the finest beverages. Our Food Catering Services in Udaipur will surpass your expectations. We are top-notch food caterers in Udaipur that take immense pride in serving all types of catering services to our customers based in the ‘Lake City’.


Planning, organizing, and hosting an event or occasion is not a piece of cake. There is a lot that needs to be accomplished in a little amount of time. You cannot afford to miss out on anything or else your event could turn into a disaster. That’s exactly where the role of a professional catering service provider comes in. Many may have a perception in their minds that catering is only about food, but this is not the case anymore. Of course, you need to search for a catering company that can help you turn your event or occasion into a grand success. Right from the tablecloths to amazing servers, food will always and still plays an indispensable role no matter what. It is a known fact that catering has gained tremendous popularity among those individuals who truly understand its significance. Be it a wedding, marriage anniversary, birthday party, corporate party, kitty party, a family picnic, etc, catering has become more than just-food.

Hiudaipur Event Caterers, a respectable name in catering industry, has come a long way from where it all began.

Why Choose Hiudaipur Event Caterers?

We, at Hiudaipur Event Caterers, understand the importance of food in one’s life. No matter how hard you try to deny, people, other than getting fascinated by the d’cor, give priority to food. People have diverse tastes and speaking of tastes, it suddenly seems so clear why they have become sophisticated. What you need is a professional company dealing with superior quality catering services that can serve vegetarians and cater to people’s special diet needs from different cultures. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to meeting our customers? expectations. We always strive to serve them better than before so we can establish a long-lasting association with them.

North Indian Cuisine
South Indian Cuisine
Kashmiri Cuisine
Bengali Cuisine
Gujarati Cuisine
Rajasthani Cuisine
North-Eastern Cuisine
Mexican Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Chinese Cuisine
Italian Cuisine
Thai Cuisine
Lebanese Cuisine
Moroccan Cuisine

We are one of the top-notch caterers in Udaipur and comply with the timeframes as requested by our valued customers. We take great pride in our menu as it boasts of mind-blowing cuisines like

And many more?!

For Hiudaipur Event Caterers, ‘Quality’ is not just another word but a protocol our trained and experienced chefs abide by with all heart. They are aware of the latest culinary trends and keep pace with the competition to serve you better. We provide our services in the most dedicated way and lay emphasis even on the minutest detail of your event or occasion. As a catering company, we value ? Time? considerably. Thus, we make the most of it when it comes to presenting options for food and beverage in a way that acts merely as a ‘WOW’ factor for your guests. We sit down and discuss meticulously discuss everything with you as to what needs to be served to your guests in the starters followed by the main course.

We have the right skills needed to be followed by relevant experience under our belt to make your event one of the most memorable ones of your life. Furthermore, our services don’t cost an arm and a leg and we can adapt to any venue chosen by you.


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Inauguration of a new outlet or a grand opening of your new venture, we at Hiudaipur Event Caterers noted to be the best caterers in Udaipur offer finger-licking and soul satiating meals which will add the perfect spark to the opening ceremony. And this is not limited to food alone, we also cater to arranging the entire event including entertainment, music, DJs, orchestra, and much more and every other detail you may need for making your event a success.

With enticing options for cuisines, exquisite savory, and dishes that would reach straight to your heart as well as backed by an excellent team of experienced chefs and waiters, we at Hiudaipur Event Caterers guarantee to present an enthralling event with our catering services. Our eye to detail has anointed us the position of best caterers in Udaipur, thereby aiding us to build a special place in the heart of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We at Hiudaipur Event Caterers thrive to present an exemplary service which encapsulates all your requirement under one roof. Thus, hereby we continuously thrive to offer the best authentic cuisines from across the globe and cover every single aspect of your requirement. Below are detailed an entire excerpt of what makes us the ultimate destination for your catering:

A menu that fits your budget

At Hiudaipur Event Caterers, we design the entire process of the event keeping in mind the image of the business. Hereby we customize our menus that are adjusted to the needs of the guests present in the ceremony. Moreover, each of the menus is prepared to fit in your budget thereby providing you delicacies that touch your heart to the core.

The proposals and budget for the catering menu for the Opening Ceremony, as well as inauguration events, are set as per the position and characteristic requirement of each business. We and our team are always present to cater to your requirements and adapt to services that fulfill your needs. For more details, you can have a look at our gallery of photos and samples of the work we have arranged until now.

Serving Options

Outdoor servings i.e. open space serving of food or indoor catering, we aid in managing both. Moreover, we aim to be the confidante for our clients and render a helping hand in managing the event, serving guests with a smile. Our staff is trained professionals who are always present to help you get your arrangements in place and offer support to guests in serving the food. From Buffet to self-serving we also provide on the table serving of food for elders and kids.

A variety of relishing options to choose from

We have a huge list of options for lunch, snacks, and dinner separately in addition to beverages, drinks, and desserts. You can select the food of your choice and we ensure to provide a complete treat to your taste buds making your ceremony the talk of the town. Moreover, no need to worry about the size of the crowd. Backed by an excellent team of professional chefs we always put forward the best delicacies adhering to hygiene and health.

So, make your ceremony the talk of the town enrolling for mouthwatering food and world-class decoration.

Taking care of minute detailing

A grand opening includes a lot of arrangements. The foremost requirement is the invitation to the public, followed by the decoration of the venue. And all these are almost incomplete if there is no splendid food served at the venue. As the saying goes, the first impression is the best one and hence putting across your best foot forward so as to create an everlasting impression. And what else can aid in creating a great impression other than mouth-watering food?

We at Hiudaipur Event Caterers are here to aid you with a helping hand in meeting your expectations. Being known as proficient caterers in Udaipur who for years have earned a special place in the hearts of its clients. All through the years, we have grown on to become a popular catering service in the Lake city of Rajasthan.

Serve you with a smile

As renowned catering services, we aim at being a confidante and helping hand for our clients, serving them smiles and assisting in making the events a success. Thus, we and our staff are present for helping you get set with all the arrangements, treat your guests, and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

A large section of food to choose from

We have a huge selection of food to choose from ranging through a plethora of niche. No matter what kind of food your guest wishes for, we ensure to provide them all enlivening their taste buds. So, you need not worry about the limited choice of food, our team of world-class chefs has expertise in preparing fondest food quickly adhering to the hygiene and health necessities.

Whatever you want, no matter what the cuisine is, from snacks to lunch, drinks to beverages and deserts we have got a large range to offer at your platter. So, pick wisely and do not worry about the quantity. Whether a small crowd of 50 to that of 10000 and more we will render the best of services adhering to the needs of every guest. Put the load on our shoulders and we ensure to provide you complete professional service which won’t leave any room for complaints or disappointment.


Based on the grand ceremony, we offer decoration services in tandem with the event. Our team of experts also aids in rendering your ideas, assisting you through the ideation process, and converting it into reality. Right from arrangements of additional props, entertainment needs, and food, our event managers aid assistance at every step.

Affordable prices

Hiudaipur Event Caterers understands the need of the hour. Thus, we deem to offer the best services, provide sumptuous mouth-watering cuisines at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. So, go the professional way, treat your guests with class and leave them awed. Choose Hiudaipur Event Caterers and let your Opening Ceremony be the talk of the town.


Parties are pretty much the happening thing everywhere. People like to meet and greet, exchange pleasantries and spend a good gala time with close ones. Get Together Party is a fair occasion for meeting new people, getting acquainted, and building connections. And the one element that is a constant on all occasions, whether meetings, events, or get-togethers is food. It sieves people together and completes any occasion. And what is a special social gathering without good food, entertainment, and drinks?

Celebrating social gatherings has gone through a splendid evolution. It has become more theme-centric, with special catering and entertainment making it one big pompous occasion. However, arranging for a gathering is not an easy cakewalk. It requires a lot of planning, coordination, and execution. Every occasion whether it is a social gathering, occasion, or function is incomplete without food. We at Hiudaipur Event Caterers are premium catering services in Udaipur who offer exotic food catering for corporate events, birthdays, social gatherings, weddings, outdoor services as well as get together party. Thus, we here at Hiudaipur Event Caterers bring you to our prolific service that includes the complete arrangement of parties and get-togethers making your task hassle-free.

How do we work?

We work closely with our team of eminent chefs who hold years of experience in the field. Customers are presented with a wonderful list of amazing cuisines from different regions of the world. Whether you are a Chinese lover, fond of authentic Indian food, or oriental, we offer a wide range of choices blend with exotic flavors.

We shoulder your requirements

As mentioned before organizing a function or an event is not as easy as its contemplated. It requires a lot of planning, in addition to checking whether all the requirements are met as per your needs. To make your task less tenacious, we at Hiudaipur Event Caterers are always at your service. Our expert team managers and event organizers ensure all you are able to spend time with family and friends by leaving all the load on our shoulders.

What are the services included in social gathering parties?

Our services aren’t limited to arranging food, we take up the entire responsibility of the party right from specialized food, decorations, tables, chairs, drinks, and entertainment too. Some of the services offered include:

  • The arrangement of cake – We have a great collection of customized cakes that fit perfectly for every occasion. So, no matter what the event whether birthday get-togethers, kitty party, or an event social gathering, we will have cakes arranged in all designs and sizes custom made.
  • Special food for special occasions – We offer a diversified menu comprising of a myriad of dishes whether traditional food or continental. From starters to the main course, our team of eminent chefs ensures to offer you the best service.
  • Entertainment events – Get-togethers are nothing without a pinch of entertainment and this is what we exactly deem to offer our guests. Our expert team of event managers ensures the get-together is no less than a spectacular and splendid one which is a perfect blend of activities, entertainment, games, and lots of dance.
  • We arrange for music, dance, games and much more based on the choice of the clients.
  • Best quality food at affordable prices – So, if you are worried about the price element then brace yourself for the best services at affordable prices. Hiudaipur Event caterers at Udaipur is your destination wherein you will receive splendid service, mouth-watering cuisines, a variety of delicious food, and all of these at affordable prices without pinching your pockets.

If this is not enough, Hiudaipur Event Caterers also offer the below mentioned Get Together Party provisions. These include:

  • Outdoor Get-togethers
  • Venue Decoration
  • Ideation of concepts and theme
  • Site selection for get-togethers
  • Customized food preferences
  • Plating and arrangements and much more.

All we wish is to be your companion in your joy and add the spark of fun in all the events with our prolific services.

Customized Menus

Our crux is to present to our customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Herein, you are free to pick your choice from 500+ dishes and delicacies. This includes starters, lunch, meals, snacks, and dinner as well. Moreover, in case you find yourself stuck we also offer assistance in the planning and selection of the menu. Our flexibility of customizing the menu as per customer preference and easy orders make us one of the best catering services in Udaipur.

Get finger-licking cuisines now anywhere, anytime

We always deem to provide our customers with the best cuisine. Thus, we work to keep ourselves updated about the latest trends and bring the best delicacies to the platter. We deliver food at every possible location in the lake city whether it is home, restaurant, private halls, etc. All you are required is to let us know where you want it to be delivered.

Make your entire event a success

Well, our services don’t just limit to providing the best food, we go a step ahead and present to our customers and their guests a platform to get their entire event organized under one roof. We also take the responsibility of arranging for entertainment and venue decoration for your get-together party. Space, location, and crowd size are no bar for us. We solely believe in presenting the ultimate comfort and satisfaction to our clients both in the aspects of exotic cuisines as well as entertainment.

Even though food plays an important role in each of our lives, however, the likings are bound to differ from person to person. Our chef is well experienced in presenting food which meets the dietary demand of our customers and guests. We have professional chefs who are experts in cooking veg, non-veg as well as vegan food in addition to continental, and oriental.

Setting up the decorations for you

For your get-together party whether it is lunch, dinner, or snacks, we at Hiudaipur Event Caterers are present to take care of the complete arrangement. You are free to choose how you want the food to be presented whether in buffet style or live cooking. Additionally, we also provide our staff who help in the serving of food. You can check out the event catalog in the gallery to gain an overview of our services.

So, contact us now and book your orders and let your party turn into the talk of the town with amazing soul satiating cuisines with the best catering services in Udaipur.


Weddings are a time of pomp and galore. It is the perfect time for a get-together along with indulging in a lot of fun and entertainment. Weddings are not a one-day ceremony. It includes many other functions starting from sangeet, Mehandi, and ending in reception. Right from the time guests start to arrive at our place, the occasion begins.

However, amidst all these arrangements, it’s the food that plays an integral role. Feeding your guests with sumptuous food that reaches the very core of their hearts is the crux. Especially in a city like Udaipur housed in the royal state of Rajasthan, finding the best caterers in Udaipur can turn the very persona of the ceremonies.

Wedding parties are very difficult to execute as you need to have everything right. It is the wedding event caterers that can make the wedding party a success or make it completely down. When a wedding is organized a couple getting married is very concerned about how all things will be organized as it is their wedding. It is something they will remember for the rest of their lives, so the catering company needs to give their best to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Here we are discussing a few things that you need to think of before hiring the wedding catering services of a catering company for your wedding. These are some common options provided by the catering companies to their clients. We at Hiudaipur Event Caterers are prominent wedding catering service providers in the lake city of Rajasthan. Our very crux is to provide ultimate relishing and soul satiating dishes and cuisines to the guests present at the wedding.


A huge variety of dishes are served on long-sided tables, sometimes at the center, with seats available for guests.  As there will be more varieties of food, your guests won’t feel forced to eat something they don’t like. Thus, it’s easier to fulfill the needs of vegetarian, non-vegetarians, quick and picky eaters while also giving more options. The service cost can be lower, as unlike in seated arrangements, you’ll only need a few well-trained staff to serve hundreds of guests. It can look bad with guests swarming the food stalls and disturbing the flow. The food can get cold quickly, and it might be hard to balance the quantity of food with the number of utensils. As there’s no limitation on how many times a guest can have the same food, popular dishes can run out, it can disappoint many guests, while less popular food can be left mostly untouched.

Standing party

This is one of the most widely seen party styles. Food is served on long tables, much similar to the buffet-style catering system, but there are no seats available since it’s a standing party. Aside from having the same benefits of a buffet-style dinner, you can also have more room for more attendance of guests and more food stalls in the same venue. The party will be much livelier, as guests will go around in search of different dishes or they can simply mingle with some friends while eating. You’ll face similar problems as buffet party. However, as people will be standing around even after they finish their food, you need to make sure there’s enough space between food stalls. This management is also less comfortable than seated arrangements, especially for older guests and children.

We take the onus of complete ceremony

The world today has come a long way. Considering this, even a catering service is not alone involved in preparing food alone. Hiudaipur Event Caterers as a professional wedding catering service includes all other activities along with the preparation of food. This includes entertainment, stage arrangement, return gifts, sounds, lightings, chair, and everything which can turn the ceremonies colorful and extremely alive.

Make it the talk of the town

If you are looking for adding a spark of entertainment to your beautiful day, then this also is provided by us. Yes, you heard it right. Based on the location you have chosen, we arrange for the best jockeys and DJs who will add the element of color to your wedding.

What is the important role played by professional wedding caterers?

Opting for the best catering service ensures all the processes are taken care of right from planning to the inception of the entire wedding. Primarily, a professional caterer plays two main roles which are as follows:

The onus of the entire wedding

Hiudaipur Event Caterers also takes accountability for the entire planning and arrangement which is included in wedding catering services provided by us. Furthermore, we also help in booking for the venue that deems perfect for the function. All you are to do is let us know your budget and they will take the complete onus of fitting the arrangements under it along with making it a complete success.

Providing mouthwatering cuisines

Food not only happens to be an energy source for the body but also for the whole wedding. As professionals, the caterers we are well aware of savoring the taste buds of each guest presenting them the best food. Whether it is children or adults, we offer food that is delightful for each person getting straight to their heart.

Offering myriad cuisines

Our expert chefs hold proficiency in preparing a variety of food. Whether it is veg, non-veg, or traditional as well as international food that is resplendent and deliciously tasty.

Casual dining

This is one of the non-formal wedding receptions where people can enjoy and mingle casually without needing to follow any particular arrangement. Since, only close friends and relatives who mostly know each other are invited, it’s an easy way to ensure a fun and relaxing time for all.

If you think it might be beneficial, bring these wedding catering services for the best experience. It is an excellent way to save time and less burden at this crucial time of the wedding. So, when it comes to arranging for your wedding, ensure to pick the best caterers in Udaipur. Book your orders now and turn your D-Day into a success.


Business people and corporates know the importance of organizing Corporate Events very well. If you are preparing for a corporate event of any kind, the success and failure of the event could depend on the type of catering you provide. There are hundreds of corporate event caterers in India and a huge variety of services offered by them. The first time that you will be looking to hire a Corporate Events Caterer you can feel a little overwhelmed by the process of finding the best one at the best price. Before talking to a corporate catering company you should set out a budget within which you hire a caterer. When you note it down to a few companies, call them and get an estimate.

It is very important that you should notice when it comes to all of the details, especially if your event will include prospective clients. One of the most important things that a business can grow up and driven by making a good impression on its most valued clients. If the quality of the food and service associated with an event is compromised then it badly affects the company’s reputation. On the other hand, a corporate event with excellent food and beverages that everyone enjoys is truly appreciated. Professional Catering service is a way to save your valuable time and efforts.

The celebration of any corporate event entails a number of things- the theme, the purpose, and the general objective of the event. Successful corporate events do not occur by chance or coincidences. It takes a lot of planning and effort to make any event memorable, whether it is a seminar, a conference, or an employee get-together. Planning an event is time-consuming and sometimes, frustrating too. To ensure everything is carried out meticulously and effortlessly, it is necessary that you outsource this responsibility to a professional corporate event catering company. Big corporate companies have huge budgets to spend on entertainment and serving their clients

The ability to handle surprises is a sign of a good corporate catering company. Companies need to know what their guests prefer in terms of food choices. It depends on the type of corporate gathering, the food menu requires careful planning and attention. Regardless of your company size, choose a caterer that serves delicious food perfect for both local and foreign guests. It should be noted down that corporate meetings are different from personal social gatherings. It is a perfect venue for companies to impress the most valuable clients. The party guests should enjoy the party from start to end.

In addition to great food, the party venue should also look perfect. If the venue is in a large hall, make sure that guests have enough space to go around and chat with other guests. The music should not be too loud and the lights should not be very sparkling. The table and chairs should be comfortable for every person. The overall presentation also needs important consideration.

With early planning, you will be able to organize a successful corporate event. You really won’t have to worry about corporate catering if you choose the right catering company.

The country is booming economically and with this has risen the corporate sector both nationally and internationally. There has been a big paradigm shift with corporations and businesses spreading throughout the country. As we all know, the corporate sector is characterized by huge parties, meetings, and events. However, amidst all the galore and business talks one thing that plays a prominent or vital role is food. These add to the glimmer and sheen of the events. Moreover, as the saying goes, food is the way to the heart of an individual, presenting good food to the clients and the audience can leave an everlasting impact, thereby making things amicable.

We are popular caterers in Udaipur who specialize in offering corporate event catering for companies and organizations on a small and bigger scale. We believe in presenting to our client’s exemplary food that is prepared by professional chefs. We ensure to take full care to provide meals and cuisines which are not only tasty but also aids in maintaining the health of the employees and clients. Thus, we offer nutrition-rich and well-balanced, hygienic food that’s sumptuous and soulfully satisfying.

Why Choose Us?

Professionals with expert knowledge

We at Hiudaipur Event Caterers are renowned caterers in Udaipur. Our team comprises professional chefs who are experienced in presenting a range of recipes not only Indian but also includes Oriental, Continental, etc. Hereby, we ensure the meals are delicious to taste as well as are not mundane. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner, our chefs would cater accordingly for your event.

Size no bar

Whether it is to serve a small crowd of 10 people or a bigger corporate event comprising more than 100, there is no bar. With the help of professionals and managers, we at Hiudaipur Event Caterers assure you to manage your clients and the entire event making it a success.

Customized services

We are known for our corporate event catering in lake city, offering customized menus for varied corporate events. These include board meetings, round table conferences, official press conferences, executive lunches presenting meals/ breakfast/ snacks prepared in tandem to the preference of attendees. Additionally, we also cater to presenting special meals for festive functions like New Year, Annual Day, Founder’s Day, etc.

We understand your taste buds

Our menus are decided in a detailed manner after discussing them with our team. Only after understanding each one’s taste and dietary preferences do we proceed further. Our very crux throughout remains in presenting the best food which is healthy, nutritious, and offers peace to the heart.

Eating Options

Our chefs are opportune to select from a wide range of dining options. This includes buffet catering which is further divided into individual meals, live counters, diet centric as well as personal serving to employees.

We thrive to bring in an experience filled with grace, cutlery creativeness assembled to make the event a success. We incorporate our cutlery skills customized to the no of employees, requirements, and meal format. Contact us today to order a satiating dish for your corporate events and get to the heart of your clients.

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