Lac Bangle Making

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Lac Bangle Making

we are offering an exceptional array of Wedding Lakh Bangles that is easy to use. Our entire product range of this product is delivered in various sizes at clients end. These products are used in a wedding function.

Bangle Making

Importance of Lakh Bangles

Lac bangles are considered auspicious in several cultures of the country and therefore popular during marriage ceremonies in regions like Rajasthan, Hyderabad, and Bihar.
In Rajasthan lakh bangles continue to be popular among married women.

They are preferred as they are soothing to wear and do not cause infections or itchiness like in the case of plastic or glass bangles.

Bangle Making Process

Here you will see how the bangles are made from lac or lakh and get the information about lakh.

Heating the Uncolored Lakh

The lakh rod (without pigment) is heated slowly over the angethi. Once it is properly heated, it is simultaneously pressed with a wooden tool called hattha and rolled at regular intervals over a flat iron plate to make it into a cylindrical shape.

Applying Color on Lakh Rod

When it is sufficiently warm and soft, The colored lakh is heated simultaneously and then applied evenly by rubbing it on the lakh rod.

Thinning Lakh Rod or Coil Formation Using the Hattha

After the color has been applied to the lakh base it is heated again and shaped into a thin coil with the help of hattha.

Cutting the Coil

Once the coil is evenly shaped it is cut off from the plain lakh rod according to size and the width of the bangle to be made.

Shaping the Coil

After cutting a portion of lakh (coil) it is again evenly shaped with help of hattha.

Joining Coil

The edges of coil are heated over the burner so that the ends can be joined together to form a bangle.

Sizing the Bangle

After being joined it is slipped through a round wooden beam for fixing the size.

Drying the Bangle

To get it dry we put the bangle into cold water so that it settles well and size or shape doesn’t get affected,
and finally the bangle is made.

Please see the below videos to understand whole process.

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