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India is known for its diversified culture, customs, and traditions. Like every culture India has its own respective wedding traditions, that is why phera ceremony in Indian weddings has a very important role which is conducted by Wedding Pandit.

Indian Weddings has saat pheras and with these saat pheras, saat vachan or promises are also taken by the couples during these pheras. Pandits tie the knots of the couples which is also called gathjora, after which the holy ceremony of pheras is performed. Bride and Groom saat pheras around the Agni, or seven rounds around the fire, which completes the wedding ceremony and the couples get the status of husband and wife according to the Indian traditions.

Pandits in India usually fix the wedding date, and the dates are fixed during the time of the year, which is called saava. Saava is the time according to Indian traditions, all the Gods are happy when the couple is tying the knot at this time of the couples receive blessings of the Gods. Pundit’s also decided the time of the wedding pheras, which is called the mahurat , or the auspicious time at which the pheras should take place. During the phera ceremony, Pandit also chant hymns from rig veda, which are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. Chanting from these age-old scriptures shows that how precious and priceless these moments are considered in India.

Now you all know why wedding pandit is almost next most important person in Indian Wedding after the bride and groom.

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