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Shehnai as a musical instrument has special significance in most Indian weddings when Shehnai music is played in the background it creates an amazing atmosphere. This Indian musical instrument belongs to the category of Aerophonic Instruments and the music that is created by playing the Shehnai is considered auspicious in marriage ceremonies in India. Often thought to bring good luck, Shehnais are widely used in North India for marriages and processions. Shehnai plays one of the most important parts of any Indian wedding music, Parties and Welcome occasions, etc., be it for a Bengali wedding, Rajasthani Wedding, Gujrati Wedding, or a Punjabi wedding. Wedding music adds a special charm to a marriage ceremony and the tunes of a Shehnai heightens the mood of the celebrations.

Shehnai players in India have immense exposure and experience in entertaining people from all walks of life. Our shehnai players have performed at some of the best events. They have also a caliber of a lot of celebrities, weddings, and functions. We get invites from government officials to play in cultural exhibitions, events & get together which is a great way to showcase our talent and the rich cultural heritage of our magnificent country. And our popularity just doesn’t stop there; we have performed at various international platforms too.

The Shehnai is an instrument that symbolizes the culture, the heritage of India. Primarily played in weddings, the shehnai has achieved national and international fame due to its soothing sound, which commemorates a time of celebration, of an auspicious occasion. Ustad Bismillah Khan has made this classical instrument a household name. If you are looking for experienced, talented shehnai players Udaipur, Hiudaipur Event Planner is the name you can rely on.

We provide the best musicians, those who have earned a name for themselves over years of practice to perfect their art and have showcased their music to large audiences. Our company has been in the business of ethical and popular entertainment for decades. We have risen to become one of the leading firms in our field. If you know entertainment, you know Hiudaipur Event Planner.

Shehnai Players are many and varied in the market, but only a few have the originality and the popularity that we showcase. Our Shehnai players have traveled throughout India and even abroad to understand the tastes and preferences of audiences and deliver just that. Such is their popularity that their shows are booked throughout the year. It is recommended that you make your booking at the earliest to ensure that we can give you the desired date and time. We also provide video and audio recordings of our performers, so that you can choose the performer you like.

We are available in following areas:- Gogunda, Jhadol, Kherwara, Kotra, Lasadiya, Mavli, Rishabhdeo, Salumbar, Sarada, Vallabhnagar.

Whether you are booking for a marriage function, a festival, or even a private party, we assure you will leave the venue satisfied and wanting for more. Most of out clients are repeat customers who recommend our services to friends and family. Your event will be a big hit.

Hiudaipur Event Planner is the hallmark of quality and integrity. Being a family business, we have immaculate experience and knowledge of how to organize spotless events with memorable performances. Our performers are top-notch and our in-house team ensures that the vent pans out perfectly. Contact us today for the best performances at the best prices!

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